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Suez Crisis

Modern World History, Cold War

Sumire minagawa

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Suez Crisis

Budapest San Francisco Suez Crisis By: Sumire Minagawa -Egypt was led by King Farouk I

-Citizens were unhappy with the government.

-The government was more responsive to the British than the Egyptian People.

-In 1952, Gamal Abdel Nasser, leader of the Egyptian Military group, Free Officer, led a coup, or overthrow of the government.

-In 1956, Nasser becomes the new president of Egypt. Back Ground: Nazzer Takes Control Suez Canal -Nasser developed a socialist system.

-Said Pasha, the Ottoman governor of Egypt commissioned French Diplomat Ferdinand de Lessup to create the Suez Canal between 1856 and 1869.

-In 1858, the Universal Suez Ship Canal Company was formed. It was owned by the french and Egyptians.

-The purpose of the canal was to connect the Red sea to the Mediterranean. The Crisis Begins -The company was given the right to build and operate the canal for 99 years.

-After the 99 years, the Egyptian Government would take control of the Canal.

-Egypt in debt sells its shares of the Canal to the United Kingdom.

-In hopes to finance the Aswan High Dam, Nazzer Nationalizes the Canal.

-When the nationalization began, British and French troops were sent out of the country. The Suez Crisis -Shortly after the nationalization, Israel invades the Sinai Peninsula.

-U.k and French offer an Ultimatum.

-Egypt Decline.

-U.K. and French invade.

-Egypt intentionally blocks the Canal, sinking 40 ships.

- In 1956, Israeli soldiers take control of the Gaza Strip. Crisis continued....... -Pressure from the world community, including the united states and the soviet union, forces Israel and Europeans to withdraw from Egypt.

-This is known as the Cease-fire and withdraw.

-This left Egypt in charge of the canal and thus ending the Suez crisis. The US and USSR roles during the crisis -During the cold war the superpowers (USSR and the US) sought to influence other nations to align with them

-Soviets persuaded Eastern Europe to adopt communism and become its allies, to form a soviet bloc.

-Egypt, Syria and other Arab nations were allied with the soviet union.

-United states feared of the domino effect.

-It announces to support the borders of middle eastern nations.

-United states allies with Israel. The Suez Crisis Fuels further conflicts -Tensions between Israel and Arab states began to build again.

-Nasser planned to close off Israel's outlet to the Red Sea.

-Israel's ground forces attack like lightening on three fronts.

-Israel defeats the Arab states, this became known as the six-day war. Crisis Effect continued... -Yom Kippur war was also a result of the Suez Crisis.

-Yom Kippur war was the planned joint arab attack on the date of Yom Kippur led by Nasser's successor, Anwar Sadat.

-Yom Kippur, is the holiest of Jewish Holidays. What I found most interesting -Through the seizure of the Suez Canal by Nasser, Egypt which was once a poor country became a prosperous one.

-The crisis is known in Egypt as the "Tripartite agression".

-The Canal is 120 miles long and 670 feet wide.

-Today, the Canal is open and free for all countries. It is run by the Suez Canal Authority of Egypt. Grand Opening of the Canal Political Cartoon showing Egypt cutting off an international ship. The order of events To this day..... -The Crisis still fuels further conflict.

-Tensions and uprising between Palestinian and Israel still occur.

- This Video shows the attacks by U.K, France and Israel in Egypt. Nasser waving to a crowd of citizens The leader of US and UK, Eisenhower and Eden.
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