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Relationships SAN MANUEL

No description

Francisco artiles

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Relationships SAN MANUEL

Different Types of Friendships
Conflict Resolution
Ultimate Family Goals
Family Goals
Effects of Social Media
Signs of Conflict
-Self-esteem, sense of worth
-Ability to understand, accept praise and criticism
-What you learn from parents forms who you become
-Both people benefits from the relationship
-More of a business relationship
-Easily broken
-Similar interests
-Based in more superficial qualities
-Pause to clam down
-Stop to gain perspective
-Let one another talk
-Watch their reactions
-Attempt to keep things calm
-Show empathy
-Take responsibility for own actions/words
-Be open and flexible
-Stop any abusive language
-Be respectful
-Things get done
-see their reaction
-able to adjust conversation
-Words are more effective
-More of a connection
-Don't be narrowly focused
-talk to people
-hanging out with new people
-same interests
-Sense of belonging
-Boosts happiness and reduce stress
-increases self confidence
-helps with life issues
-healthier life style
-support system
-Obsession with pleasing a friend
-Doesn't respect boundaries
-Teasing in a harmful/overboard manner
-encouragement of rude behavior
-bad habits
-Extend/accept invitations
-Try new things
-Meet your friend's friends

-Negative comments stick in the mind
-Bitterness, hate, jealousy, despise, and anger
-Reflects your character
-Lowers self-esteem
-Can lead to harmful behavior
-Ruin reputations and make friends unwelcome
-Spread to make oneself feel better
-different attitudes, values or perceptions
-disagreements about needs, goals, priorities and interests
-poor communication
-poor or inadequate organizational structure
-lack of teamwork
-lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities
-Facial expressions: frown/serious look
-Eyes start to stare/bulge
-Change in tone/volume of voice
-Impact grades
-My be addictive
-Focus on trends

-Based on the personality
-Want what is best for the other
-Both useful and pleasant
-Friends because of other's virtue
-The friends that pray together stay together!

-http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20140415/ARTICLES/140419801 ~
Tips to Making New Friends
Ways to Meet New Friends
Benefits of Friendships
Signs of a Bad Friendship
Useful Friendships
Benefits of Face-to-Face Communication
Effect of Social Media
Tips to Help Resolve Conflict
Pleasant Friendships
Virtuous Friendships
Effects of Gossip
Causes of conflict
Signs of Conflict
Places Where Family Has an Effect
What to do
What not to do
What to do
What not to do
By: Abbie, Jacob, Lilly and Sarah
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