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No description

Caleigh LInk

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Genealogy

Genealogy Nuclear Family Family Tree Dad: Greg Link Mom: Page Link Brother: Camden Link Caleigh Link Peter Herber Dorothy Herber Herold Link Pearl Link Gus Ballis Helen Ballis D.K. Peterson Hallie Peterson October 31, 1993 James Herber Joan Herber Robert Herber Janice Herber Lawrence Herber Nancy Herber Peter Herber Thomas Herber Dorothy Link Robert
Hollenback Steven James Michael Robert Donald Katherine Karen Joan Muller David Marrianne Peter Paul Julie Stephen Michael Marilyn Uthe Jeffery James Gina Dennis John Virgil Wersinger Virgil Thomas Rita Jon Scott Jan Craig Judith Herber Timothy Terence Paula Leanne Daniel Peter Mary Hartman Kimberly Christopher Jason Renee Lucien Link Grandma Grandpa Roy Link Ron Link Greg Link dad Anne Link Roy Link Pamela Link Tyler Link Haley Link Cousin Cousin Kimon Ballis Maryanne Ballis Jean Ballis John Koch Ellen Conoyer Christopher Koch Matt Conoyer Allison Koch Connor Koch Dave Ballis Page Link mom Annette Ballis Karrie Ballis Meghan Ballis Cousin Cousin Grandma Michael Conoyer James Conoyer Elijah Conoyer Maria-Anne Conoyer Camden Link Brother Caleigh Link Inherited Traits Learned Traits -blue/green eyes
-dark blonde hair
-no dimples
-tongue rolling
-nose shape -musical inclination
-importance of education
-love of animals
-love of reading
-distaste for spicy food Evidence of Inherited Traits My dad has blond hair, and my mom has brown hair. I got a mixture of both of their genes so my hair is dark blond. It is also apparent that my genes are a mixture of theirs because my eyes are somewhat green from my dad and somewhat blue from my mom. No one in my nuclear family has dimples, therefore I was not able to inherit the gene. I inherited the ability to roll my tongue from my dad; my mom can't do it. A lot of people say my mom and I have the same nose shape, so that is a gene I inherited from her. Inherited traits are based on one's biological makeup. Evidence of Learned Traits My dad plays guitar, my mom plays the piano, and I play both. Growing up with them has taught me music appreciation. Both my parents were very studious growing up, and they expect me and my brother to strive for good grades as well. I have learned from them the importance of education. My parents both love animals and have influenced me to love them too. We have eight pets and I'm even a vegetarian! My dad and brother aren't very avid readers, but I learned from my mom that books can be very enjoyable! We both like to read in our spare time. Neither of my parents like spicy food, so I have learned to be intolerant of it from living with them.
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