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IT BDS Year1 module

An introductory lecture on ICT given to 1st year dental students - 2017

Damien Walmsley

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of IT BDS Year1 module

To be competent using Information and Communication Technologies in Dentistry and the School of Dentistry
Learning Outcomes

To have knowledge on the use of IT and its impact in Dentistry
To be familiar with the various rules & regulations associated with IT
To be competent in searching the Internet and making it work for YOU
Information care
information abuse
Writing, Presenting and Counting
Digital Photography in Dentistry
Mike Sharland
Professor Damien Walmsley
No 1 rule for Presenting - KISS
E - a.d.walmsley@bham.ac.uk
T - @dammo
F - www.facebook.com/damien.walmsley
P - www.flickr.com/damienwalmsley
I - @dammodammo
B - Brumdentists.com
G+ - plus.google.com/116810809691640545061
W - damienwalmsley.com
Walmsley's 10 tips
IT savvy Dentists

Be sensible
Protect information
Be nice to people
Hide things away, encrypt and stay private
Don’t steal or cheat (don’t plagiarise)
Acknowledge the work of others in words, music or pictures
Speed and intelligent Internet searching is key
Be critical and only use the best source of evidence
Always ask your clinicians about the evidence
Finally be ready as the next big thing is here


You can use your iPad to take pictures
Remember confidentiality

Learn to Touch Type
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