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World war 1

No description

you Magdaleno

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of World war 1

World war one was sparced when in 1914,both the king and queen were both assianted,in sarjevo,by a sebrien nationalist.Then soon allies were formed,and bad desions were made that could change the course of hisory for ever
World war 1
Red Baron
Manfred von Richthofen,or better know as Red Baron,was a fighter pilot for germany and his fighter plane was the most feared of the sky.He shoot down 80 people,and on April 21,1918,the red Baron was shoot down and killed,he was 25 years old.
Is the thing that the Red Baron did ariel fights,but in battle with two or more.These type of fights would be difficult,because many of us had to doge the enemy,and our allies.
The zeppelins were first used in at the night of january 19,1915,in london,they bombed and tried to scary us,britans ,just to give up but instead they made it that more for us to attack them.But soon we wil be able to take those germans down.
Novmber 15,1915
Dear dad don't be alarmed everthing is fine ,
and everything is alright.They just got attack agian by one of those balloons,and they just truned off all the lights but good thing we had all those candles lineing around right.
The Red baron changed the
war of the sky by making it more dangerous and honorable .
Billy Bishop
Billy Bishop was a canadian ariel fighter and was with the allied powers,he earned an a medal,Distinguished Flying Cross,which he got from geting 25 kills in just 12 days.He died on Nov 9,1956.
The frist tank "Little Willie"
My Dear Rose
You should have seen it,the commonder came on a lbig armored car,which they called a thank,or little willie,but it's going t make it that much easier for us to win the war so I may get to you and our children.Were are going to be able to use it as a cover,and a ride.Please tell the kids I love them and I would love to know that I miss you then words can say.
Love your one and only,
Machine Gun
A Machine gun normally took six people to operate
Machine guns soon were upgraded by the time ww2 came,and used less people to orprated.
A bullet used in the machine guns
A drawing of what the bunkers of the machine gun looked liked
poison gas!!!
News clippings from the frist sighting of posion gas.
soldiers in trenches,with there gas mask.
the very disturbing affects of mustred gas
The canister which held the muststred gas.
A flame thrower being test out
Flame throwers became more compatible,in ww2
trench armour
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