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The Catholic Game of Life

No description

Nicole Gardner

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of The Catholic Game of Life

You are fetus...
What do Catholics believe to be true regarding fetal life?

When does life begin?
Your mother goes
on with the
Your mother considers abortion.
Pick a career!
Pray Day!
At what age is a fetus considered
"viable" (able to live outside of
the mother's womb) according
to the 14th amendment?
Name 2 alternative means of
conception that replace the act
of sexual intercourse.
According to the Catholic Church, what is the exception to having procedures done with contraceptive or sterilization effects?
What is the only integral way that a man and wife can commit themselves to one another once they are married?
How many children will
there be in your family?

Choose A, B, C, or D
A: 1 child
B: 10 children
C: 5 children
D: 2 children
A. Farmer
B. Professional Hip-Hop Dancer
C. Engineer
D. Nurse
You have been given approval to be married within the Catholic Church!
Choose the location of your Catholic Ceremony (A, B, or C)!
Pray Day!

Pray Day!

Choose A, B, C, or D
What is the largest U.S.
provider of reproductive
health services (HIV Screening,
counseling, contraception
and abortion)?
Baptism is a tradition performed right after birth. What other cultural traditions do you know of that occur after a baby is born?
St. Joseph
Waukesha, W
Westminster Abbey
London, England

How is the Catholic view on death similar to or different from other religions or beliefs?

Do you feel that the
pre-marital preparation program is an invasion to the privacy of a couple? Why or Why not?
Cremation is only allowed if...?
Notre Dame Cathedral
Paris, France
When an individual commits suicide he/she is rejecting what two things.
Name one.
What is palliative care?
How might small vs. large families
affect the social, mental, and physiological dynamic of the family?

Individuals' responsibility after committing suicide may be diminished by consideration of....?
Where was Brittany Maynard from?
We talked about three offenses against the dignity of marriage, one of them is adultery. Name one of the other two.
Why is organ donation accepted in Catholic beliefs?
Your kids just started school!
What do you think should be the role of public/private schools on contraceptive education?
True or False:
The Catholic Church considers it sinful to be homosexual in orientation.
Although the Catholic Church is strongly against EMBRYONIC stem cell research, what two others types of research are they strong advocates of?
There are no typical diet regulations for a person who is committed to the Catholic religion EXCEPT during one certain time of the year.

What is this time called when they are expected to refrain from eating meat on Fridays and fast on Ash Wednesday/Good Friday?
We spoke about several principles that individuals are asked to abide when they are deciding to get tattoos or piercings. For example, those getting a tattoo as an act of rebellion towards their
parents should not do so.
Name one other principle.
Pray Day!
Pray Day!
What are factors that contribute to suicide in today's society?
What are factors to consider when deciding to administer life-sustaining treatments?
The number of Catholic-based hospitals has increased by what percentage over the past few years?
List one Catholic-affiliated hospital in the Milwaukee area.
At ones deathbed, what is one ritual that the priest may perform?
Which Sacrament do Catholics receive spiritual nourishment (the bread and wine of heaven) which brings them closer to God?
Which Christmas present will you give your child(ren)?

Choose A, B, C, or D
A: A vacation to Disneyland
B: Knitted socks
C: Packers game tickets
D: The Frozen movie (singalong version)

Why may implementation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act be so controversial in regards to the Affordable Care Act compared to situations in the past?
What is one proactive way that the National Catholic Partnership on Disability suggests to help support Catholics experiencing mental illnesses?
What house will
you live in?

Choose A, B, C, or D
A: Magnificent Mansion
B: Trendy Townhouse
C: Average Apartments
D: Run-down RV
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