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Social Media Strategy

This hands-on workshop will provide you and/or your team the steps necessary to develop and implement a social media strategy - meeting business goals by reaching your audience with valuable content.

Nicholas Lamphere

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy SOC 130 Monday April 4, 9:00-12:30, PC 3317 This hands-on workshop will provide you and/or your team the steps necessary to develop and implement a social media strategy. You will have a chance to discuss your business goals and decide why, how, and where social media will help achieve them - to support your audience, promote your content, and build your relationships and reputation. The workshop will review current, popular tools and topics, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yammer, YouTube, Flickr, Google, blogging, and more.

You will also discover how to best introduce social media to your team (including team collaboration and support), which popular tools and workflows to consider, and how to analyze and measure success of your social media strategy. The workshop assumes you have taken Introduction to Social Media, or have equivalent experience, including - but not limited to - current and active accounts on social media channels, and preferably a website or blog. About Me Nicholas Lamphere

Multimedia/web developer and designer

Social media instructor and consultant

Harvard Human Resources' Center for Workplace Development
(Educational Systems and Technology)

Additionally, I co-chair both the ABCD Interactive Design and
Development User Group & the ABCD Social Media User Group

E: nicholas_lamphere@harvard.edu
C: 781-718-6277 Social Media Awareness Index

12:15 - 12:30 Summary
Recap, Q&A, Resources, Feedback Strategy 101 Developing Strategy Is Fun. Implementing It Is Work.
http://smallbiztrends.com/2010/07/developing-strategy-is-fun-implementing-it-is-work.html Break Goals Before deciding which social media tools to use, you should clearly define your business goals: what would you like to achieve by implementing social media tools?

Your goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely

Common goals before implementing a social media strategy often include:
Increased Traffic
Reputation Management
Brand Awareness
Search Engine/Ranking
Thought Leadership

Top 5 Goals for a Successful Social Media Campaign:
http://www.wchingya.com/2010/08/social-media-campaign-goals.html Tools Review current, popular social media tools and complete the Tool Scorecard: list the top 1, 2 or 3 tools (you are either most familar with, or that you think might be valuable), for each category.

Tool Scorecard: http://bit.ly/ToolScorecard For Your Consideration Personal social media strategy:
http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2010/05/13/personal-social-media-policy/ Strategy 102 Social media strategy is "a platform supported by four pillars." *

The 3 rules of social media:
1. Social media is all about enabling conversations among your audience or market.
2. You cannot control conversations with social media, but you can influence them.
3. Influence is the bedrock on which all economically viable relationships are built.

Are you ready to give up control of the message?

There is no "one size fits all" social media strategy.
{ I'm here to help you think about your strategy, not to implement it for you. } Concept Statement Research Spend time researching your competition: are there other social media presences you appreciate; are there existing models (internal or external) to follow; do you have examples you'd like to share?

Note: Have you found examples of narrow strategy rollouts (versus full social media campaigns/implementation)? How do they compared? Does their success (or failure) make you consider a 3-month strategy trial over a long-term (12-month) implementation?

http://www.knowem.com Fill out the 12-month social media macro strategy document: tool, strategic purpose, engagement outcome

Remember: There is no "one size fits all" social media strategy.
Recall the 4 Pillars: Communication, Collaboration, Education, Entertainment

Consider a mini-release (3-month) as part of the overall (12-month) strategy. Strategy: Personal Strategy Strategy: Tactics & Hints Brogan 50 Steps to Establishing a Consistent Social Media Practice:
http://www.chrisbrogan.com/50-steps-to-establishing-a-consistent-social-media-practice/ Team: Tools & Workflow (Resources) Metrics & Analytics: Overview 100 Ways to Measure Social Media: http://smartdatacollective.com/Home/25875

Metrics & Analytics: Website, Blog, RSS Google Analytics: http://www.google.com/analytics/ Metrics & Analytics: Twitter Top 50 Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools:
http://www.honeytechblog.com/top-50-twitter-tracking-and-analytics-tools/ Metrics & Analytics: Facebook Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Made Easy: https://rowfeeder.com/ Metrics & Analytics: Video Basic activity and statistics: channel views, likes, subscriptions, etc...

Online Video Distribution, Analytics and Advertising Platform:
http://tubemogul.com/ Metrics & Analytics: Sharing Activity on sharing channels such as Delicious, Digg, etc...

Analytics available on registered "sharing" accounts such as http://www.addthis.com/ Metrics & Analytics: Email Metrics & Analytics: Location-Based Awareness, Inc. Social Marketing Hub: http://www.awarenessnetworks.com/why-the-hub Strategy: 12-Month Social Media Macro Strategy Strategy: Introduction (Reprise) Team: Backup Consider a plan to back up your social media content

http://www.backupify.com/ Team: Tool Review & Tips Discussion (open floor): Do you have questions, comments or suggestions about team-based best practices, tips, tools, etc... Team: Introduction & Support How do you get team buy-in? How do you get executive buy-in?

Identify community evangelists (i.e. "natural adopters")
Should you appoint a Community Manager?
http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/3-tips-for-managing-a-social-media-community/ Conduct a Social Media Audit:
http://socialfresh.com/social-media-audit/ Create and find tweetups: http://twtvite.com/ http://geotoko.com/ "Run Location Based Sweepstakes Contests to
Reward Customers for Check-ins on Foursquare, Gowalla and Twitter" http://www.webtrends.com/Products/Analytics Active Social Media Users Are Brand Fans:
http://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2010/3846/active-social-media-users-are-brand-fans There is no "one size fits all" social media strategy.

"Communications in social media do not necessarily have to happen onsite; the real-life relationships that follow can benefit your company objectives, so use social media as a stepping stone to find other means of communication."
http://bit.ly/NewCommunityRules (p. 301)

RT @equalman @hubspot A good social media strategy is common sense + passion Can you leverage existing tools already in place (internal, in-house)?
Does another team/unit (within Harvard) have social media tools in place you could leverage?
Forecasting: Which tools/channels might your team implement that other related teams/units have implemented (i.e. can you share knowledge)?
How will you fit new tools into your current/daily workflow?

Reserve time and space for internal training! Scheduling time for internal training (tools, topics, workflow) is a key aspect to a successful social media strategy. How will you measure the effectiveness (based on cost, time, commitment) of social media tools?
What tools can be used to measure realistic return on investment (ROI)?
Can both tangible & intangible results be measured, and - if so - how can they be compared?

Consider: Reach, Traffic, Influence, Conversion, Sustainability, etc... How will team members contribute to social channels (one for all vs. all for one)?
Will one team member be responsible for all channels?
Who has the time and energy ("natural adopter") to commit to a social media presence?
Can (how can) you balance internal resources (staff) with external resources (consultants)?

Introducing social media to your team:
http://learningputty.com/2009/10/22/7-creative-ways-to-introduce-social-media-to-your-team/ Google Analytics - Create a Social Media Referrers Advanced Segment:
http://youtu.be/QGQwdhazPe0 Metrics & Analytics Metrics, Analytics, Measurement, Business Value, Success, ROI AmberNaslund's measurement Bookmarks: http://delicious.com/ambernaslund/measurement 5 Easy Steps to a Winning Social Media Plan:
http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/5-easy-steps-to-a-winning-social-media-plan/ HOW TO: Measure Social Media ROI: http://mashable.com/2009/10/27/social-media-roi/ How to Audit Your Social Media Efforts:
http://www.techipedia.com/2010/social-media-audit-questions/ The Maturation of Social Media ROI:
http://mashable.com/2010/01/26/maturation-social-media-roi/ Social Media Metrics: http://amzn.to/smMetrics It’s likely that your personal strategy will inform and influence your business strategy. Experiment with three micro strategies (tactics) this month, and then add one next month. Write down three components of your personal social media strategy.

Examine your personal (micro) strategies/tactics/activities, and think about how you can leverage your personal use and experience in a professional, team-based setting.
Use personal tactics to help explore your 12-Month Macro Strategy. Team: Monitoring Platforms Social Media in Business: Fortune 100 Statistics:
http://www.istrategy2010.com/blog/social-media-in-business-fortune-100-statistics/ Top 10 best practices on how to use social media to promote your event:
http://blog.eventbrite.com/top-10-best-practices-on-how-to-use-social-media-to-promote-your-event-part-i-1-5 5 Examples of Great Social Media Policies in Action:
http://www.likeable.com/2010/08/5-examples-of-great-social-media-policies-in-action/ As a pre-work assignment, you were asked to complete the Social Media Awareness Index, which measures your experience across several categories of social media tools: overall index, internal vs. external use, etc...
Short version (PDF): http://bit.ly/SMAIshort SWOT Analysis Social Media SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Answer the series of questions, noting whether your responses constitute a strength, weakness, opportunity and/or threat to your team's current situation and business goals.

As a takeaway, it's advised to repurpose your responses - with SWOT results - into an executive summary for your entire team. Audience Define your audience(s): Before deciding which social media tools to use, you should clearly define your intended audience(s): demographics, behaviors, attitudes, needs, preferences, literacy - particularly whether your audience uses social media tools.

The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web (33-35):
http://bit.ly/NewCommunityRules Content Promote content. Before deciding which social media tools to use, you should clearly define your content: do you have existing content you can promote? Will you generate new content? Who will be responsible for creating and publishing new content? Will you execute sample (small) content releases, or will you have large collections of the same content? Do you have enough content for regular updates? How To Develop a Social Media Strategy: A Roadmap for Integration:
http://veryofficialblog.com/2010/06/01/how-to-develop-a-social-media-strategy-a-roadmap-for-integration/ How to Build a Social Media Strategy... And Why!
http://www.slideshare.net/AJGerritson/how-to-build-a-social-media-strategy-and-why Course Description 10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Social Media Marketing: http://bit.ly/10pitfallsSMM Introduction Concept Statement. A concept statement highlights the value of your content for your audience - you may likely have more than one concept statement, particularly if you have multiple audiences/communities - and how it will satisfy business goal(s). In a concept statement (100-word or less), you should envision how an individual audience member would become part of your community. Be precise and concise. Do not list specific social media tools in your concept statement(s). Homework { Communication, Collaboration, Education, Entertainment } * http://bit.ly/smbible (675-681) Full version (PDF): http://bit.ly/SMAIfull

Volunteers? Social Media: Beyond Just Traffic Building:
http://www.foliomag.com/2010/social-media-beyond-just-traffic-building "Create Great Strategy with Stories, Not Plans" Harvard Business Review Management Tip of the Day, 7/30/2010:
http://web.hbr.org/email/archive/managementtip.php?date=073010 1. Need --> 3. Strategy --> 4. Tactics --> 2. Goals 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Killer Social Media Strategy:
Should you appoint a Community Manager?
http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/3-tips-for-managing-a-social-media-community/ Which Department Own Social Media?
http://mashable.com/2010/05/17/social-media-ownership/ Starting a Social Media Strategy (Chris Brogan):

"Strategies must tie in to the main business...Building icebergs that float away isn't the right way to implement social media in the company." Document (PDF): http://bit.ly/SMSGAC Document (PDF): http://bit.ly/SMSGAC Document (PDF): http://bit.ly/SMSGAC Document (PDF): http://bit.ly/SMSGAC Document (PDF): http://bit.ly/SWOTdoc Why You Need to Monitor and Measure Your Brand on Social Media: http://bit.ly/cMTxJ3 Social Media Awareness Index, Tool Scorecard, SWOT Analysis, Goals, Audience, Content, Concept Statement, Research (Models, Examples) Review, Q&A Document (PDF): http://bit.ly/PersonalStrategy Document (PDF): http://bit.ly/SocMedStrategy 13 Tools to Back Up Your Social Media Content:
http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2010/04/02/backup-social-media-profiles/ Infegy - Enterprise Social Media Monitoring, Intelligence and Analytics: http://www.infegy.com/socialradar.php Social Media Monitoring and Engagement: http://www.radian6.com/ HubSpot Internet Marketing Software Products:http://www.hubspot.com/products/

HootSuite, TweetDeck, Seesmic
Other: custom, internal 10 Steps for Successful Social Media Monitoring:
http://mashable.com/2010/08/02/successful-social-media-monitoring/ Practical Social Media Measurement: A New Series:
http://www.brasstackthinking.com/2010/01/practical-social-media-measurement-a-new-series/ http://www.webtrends.com/Products/SocialMeasurement Google Trends: http://www.google.com/trends Google Insights: http://www.google.com/insights/search/ Quantcast: http://www.quantcast.com/
Examine blog activity (WordPress, Posterous, etc...): subscriptions, comments, etc...
Examine RSS subscriptions
Blog search results: Technorati, Blogsearch, Alltop Many third-party Twitter applications/tools come with built-in URL shorteners that provide statistics/analytics, including HootSuite's ow.ly service: http://ow.ly/url/shorten-url Short URLs with analytics, social media monitoring and geotargeting: http://cli.gs/ Another popular choice for stats/analytics with custom URLs: http://bit.ly/
http://oneforty.com/category/Analytics Klout - The Standard for Online and Internet Influence: http://klout.com/ Twitalyzer (Impact, Influence, etc...): http://www.twitalyzer.com/ Trendistic - see trends in Twitter: http://trendistic.com/ Twitter Grader | Get Your Twitter Ranking: http://twittergrader.com/ TweetStats :: Graphin' Your Stats: http://tweetstats.com/ Twitter Buys an Analytics Company (Trendly):
http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/06/10/twitter-buys-an-analytics-company/ Twitter follow stats, graphs and widgets: http://twittercounter.com/ Manual: Search for keyword and/or hashtag usage Use Facebook Insights for your Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/insights/

Basic activity: Fans, Comments, Likes, Wall Posts, etc... Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages:
http://www.webdigi.co.uk/blog/2010/google-analytics-for-facebook-fan-pages/ http://smallbiztrends.com/2010/08/getting-your-feet-wet-in-facebook-analytics.html Email Marketing and Email List Manager: http://www.mailchimp.com/ Manage Social Networks Through Your Email: http://nutshellmail.com/ Google Alerts: http://www.google.com/alerts Twitter Alerts: http://tweetbeep.com/ Facebook Events: http://mashable.com/2009/10/14/facebook-events-guide/ LinkedIn Events: http://events.linkedin.com/ http://upcoming.yahoo.com/ Online Event Registration: http://www.eventbrite.com/

Location-based service activity The Harvard University Social Media User Group meets monthly to discuss & demonstrate the variety, security, cost, implementation & uses of social media tools and the social web.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/HarvardSocial
Harvard Social Email: abcd-social@abcd.harvard.edu Website: http://bit.ly/HarvardSocial Delicious bookmarks: http://www.delicious.com/HarvardSocial Yammer: http://www.yammer.com/harvardsocial
Amazon Wish List: http://amzn.to/HarvardSocialWishlist Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Made Easy:
https://rowfeeder.com/ 5 Superior Social Media Management Tools:
http://mashable.com/2010/10/21/social-media-management-tools/ 25 Twitter Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts:
http://mashable.com/2009/05/18/twitter-apps-manage-multiple-accounts/ 11 Free Services for Scheduling Social Media Updates:
http://mashable.com/2010/08/02/schedule-social-media-updates-free/ The Basics of Social Media Policies and Guidelines:
http://www.radian6.com/blog/2010/08/the-basics-of-social-media-policies-and-guidelines/ Social Media in Business: Fortune 100 Statistics:
Harvard University Social Web Guidelines:
Twitter notification service: http://twitstra.appspot.com/
A Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions: http://wiki.kenburbary.com/social-meda-monitoring-wiki About You Please review and discuss with your team: Social Media Awareness Index, Tool Scorecard, SWOT Analysis, Goals, Audience, Content, Concept Statement Social Media ROI: http://bit.ly/fPw3Jy Measure What Matters: http://amzn.to/smMatters
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