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One Thousand Dollars By: O. Henry

No description

senad dervisevic

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of One Thousand Dollars By: O. Henry

One Thousand Dollars By: O. Henry
Facts about O. Henry
1. O. Henry's real name was William Sydney Porter.

2. In 1887 he got married.

3. O. Henry went to prison once.
1. Confoundedly- confused, perplexed. Sentence- "It's such a confoundedly awkward amount," he explained, genially, to the lawyer."

2. Sequestered- to keep (a person or group) apart from other people. Sentence- "Old Bryson was calm and forty and sequestered".

3. Amendment- a change in the words or meaning of a law or document. Sentence- "They found a"--- Gillian searches his memory for a legal term--- "they found an amendment or a postscript or something to the will.

4. Impertinent- rude and showing a lack of respect. Sentence- It is a
impertinent one, I am sure.

Gillian- Is a mid-teenager. I would describe Gillian as generous and wise. Generous because he gave the 1000$ to Miss Hayden. I would call him wise because he hired a secretary for handling his money.

Mr.Tolman- I would describe Mr.Tolman as a middle aged man. I would give him the character trait as organized. I would describe Mr.Tolman as organized because he tells Gillian to bring back every receipt on the purchases that he has made. I would also describe him as kind. Kind because he has good manners.
This story takes place in New York City in the time period of the 1700-1800s.
The conflict in this story is internal. I think the conflict is internal because Gillian is having problems of deciding of what to do with the money.
Gillian keeps thinking of ways to dispose the money. He even asks some people what they would do with a thousand dollars. At the end he ends up giving the money to Miss Hayden the love of his life.
I think the author wrote the story to inform people that money is not everything. At the end of the day we're all humans. We're all equally compared in our Savior's eyes. Therefor money is not and never will be everything.
Rising Action
When Gillian got the money he was surprised. He thought he would get more. But he was still thankful. Then when he was deciding what to do with the money he had some problems.
Falling Action
When he decides to give the money to Miss Hayden he gives it to her right away. Then he goes to tell Mr.Tolman what he did with the money. As soon as he arrives Mr.Tolman explains to him that he would get $50,000, but if he didn't his love would get the money. So he tore up his envelop so Miss Hayden could get the money.
Point of View
This story is in the third-person narrative point of view.
First Gillian got the $1000. Then he doesn't know what to do with it. He decides to give it to Miss Hayden. After that he goes to Mr.Tolman's office to tell him that he disposed the money. As soon as he arrives Mr.Tolman tells him that if he spent the money wisely he would get even more money. If he disposed the money in a bad way the love of his life would get the $50,000. So he tore up the envelope and left. Miss Hayden got the $50,000.
The climax is when he is deciding what to do with the money.
The story ends in a happy way. Miss Hayden ends up getting $51,000 and Gillian is happy of his decisions. This reminds me of a movie I saw. The money was more thou in the movie. But valued the same.
Opinion / Critique
I liked that the story ended in a sweet version. I disliked that Gillian didn't get any money. But it was a great short-story, probably the best one i have read. I think that the story ended in a version because Miss Hayden, Gillian's Love was happy. But i still think that its unfair that Gillian gave all the money away.
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