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The Third Crusade

No description

James Winston

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of The Third Crusade

Leaders of the third crusade
The cause of the 3rd crusade
The Preparation of the third crusade
In 1189 King Richard prepared for the crusade with Frederick Barbarossa and Philip Augustus.
They raised money in many ways including: the persecution and robbing of jews, unusual tax upon all classes, and the sale of king Richards offices and royal land.
The battle of Acre
Once the French, English, and German forces met up they began the siege of Acre.

This was one of the bloodiest and longest battles of the crusades and at the end of it all, 27,000 muslim prisoners were killed by the Christians. Acre was finally theirs

In order for Richards plan to unfold he had to keep control of Acre and trade Jerusalem for it.
Richard & Saladin
In the time of 1191 Richard became sick and ill. Saladin was low on supplies and knew if he didn't do something, Richard would destroy him and his army.

So Saladin sent him the best fruits of the land to make him better. And gave him an arabian horse in place of the one he lost at the siege of Acre.

Richard feeling grateful for Saladin's gifts made a treaty with Saladin that would give all christians the rite to worship in the Holy lands.
Richard remained for one more year, then set sail for England. He was shiprecked and captured by the duke of Austria whom Richard offended. He then payed the Duke a ransom and he was set free.
Ashlyn, Ashley, and James

The Third Crusade
I hope you enjoyed the presentation
The third crusade took place 1187-1192 and there were a few great leaders who led them, they were Frederick Barbarossa, King Philip Augustus of France and King Richard of England the lionhearted.
Frederick Barbossa
Richard the lionhearted
A muslim ruler named Saladin took Jerusalem
in 1187.
The purpose of the third crusade was to
recapture Jerusalem and restore peace to all
Christians who were persecuted and killed
by muslims in the holy land.
The End of the Third Crusade
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