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Should female students be allowed to play on males sports te

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Summer Schneider

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Should female students be allowed to play on males sports te

Fact 1
Usain Bolt, considered to be the fastest man in the world, has a 100 meter dash record of 9.58 seconds. While the fastest woman in the world, Shelly-Ann Fraser, ran a 10.78 second 100 meter dash.
In the 21st century there is a constant battle for equality. One major issue under consideration is girls participating on boys sports teams.
Due to different physical make up, sports taste and economic considerations this is not a good idea.
quote 2
Solution 1
There is a significant difference in what genders play, women tend to engage in non-contact sports while men play basketball, football,and various contact sports.
Womans sports tend to draw smaller crowds, even at the highest level. The paying public has little to no desire.
Solution 3
This could perhaps create a larger desire to watch womans sports if leauges are enlarged or challenged to a higher extent.
Defining the problem
thank you have a nice day
Should female students be allowed to play on males sports teams?
Solution 2
If women want to engage in sports men tend to thrive in, create sports leagues for women to play with women of the same ability.
Fact 2
Fact 3
If we look at the facts of biology, economy, and desire there is no factor complying co-ed teams would be better than having separate teams.
Sponsors are very unlikely to finance individuals and teams that don't get good exposure, which few females do. The Woman's Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF) reported that in 2013 women's sports received 7% of coverage and a total of 0.4% in commercial sponsorship value.
It is no accident that colleges have more male athletes than female athletes. The institutional average for athletic recruitment for Division 1 schools is 139,000 for male sports and 28,840 for female sports.
"All sports are games of inches" -Dick Ritger
"Fans are the only ones who truly care. There are no agent free fans"- Dick Young
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