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Social Media: Tumblr

No description

Nina Kaplan

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Social Media: Tumblr

Signing up for Tumblr
Reblog, follow, like!
Status Update: Comic Con and Fandom
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You will need to choose a username
display name on the dashboard
username is not permanent
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Education: 7 Types of Posts
What is Tumblr?
Tumblr is a microblogging service that has recently become one of the foremost social media sites on the Internet
How to Personalize Your Blog!
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With Nina Kaplan!
Social Media: Tumblr
Tumblr makes blogging easy! Your blog can be about anything! Food, pets, traveling, ect...

Queuing: publish a string of posts while you're offline
add the posts to queue
choose intervals of time they'll be published (ex. every 15 minutes). Or you can assign a time for when tumblr will post content
Drafts: save a post online and finish it later
Queuing and Drafts on Tumblr
title of your blog
alter the sidebar descriptions
select an avatar image or profile picture
change your username/URL
Select from a range of pre-made themes for your blog. or create your own HTML code
Change back ground/header image or tagline
. Add/delete/edit web pages on your blog
most tumblr users have an about page
: connect to other social media sites
Change privacy settings for your Ask box and set up a user submissions page.
. This is where you'll find any other options

Your Dashboard:
A text post consists of plain text
a single image with a brief description/caption
OR multiple images (collage)
OR you can use the URL of an image already on the web
one of the most common types of posts
moving silent picture
fun and creative small video
puts quotations around text
lets you post a live link to the dashboard
shows script or outline of conversation
you can only post an audio post once a day
share music (either original or uploaded)
original video or share a Youtube/Vimeo video
posts a .mp3 file
194.4 million blogs
83.1+ billion posts
"a realm of avid enthusiastics"
Fan (follower) + -dom (kingdom)
Once Upon A Time
Grey's Anatomy
Harry Potter
Chronicles of Narnia
Percy Jackson
New Girl
Teen Wolf
The Originals
Vampire Diaries
Doctor Who
Star Wars
Star Trek
Fault in Our Stars
The Mortal Instruments
The Hunger Games
Lord of the Rings
One Direction
Game of Thrones
Downtown Abby
More About Fandoms
Once Upon A Time
"shipping" characters
when fans want two or more characters to be together in a friendship/relationship
one of the most common posts
also a very common type of post
One of the most common posts
Status Update: Comic Con and the World of Fandoms
actors, writers, producers on panels
photo shoots
fans dress up
promo events
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