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Our Journey to the top!

Oriental Twist and the story of this exotic chocolate!

Anonymous 31770

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Our Journey to the top!

Market Research
Fillings Galore!
Christmas Time
The Logo and the Box
Our Advertisements
Our First Step Was To Compile A Set Of Market Research To Determine How Popular Our Bar Would Be...
We did not want to alter our box design too drastically seeing as though it was styled on an Asian type of design, but we conceded with a small sprig of holly...
Using Our Conclusive Market Research, We Chose Our Unusual Fillings....

Ellen and Ollie collaborated to produce the multi-flavoured chocolate bar: with Ollie's great history in spices and Ellen's ginger supply, surely we could not fail!
We found out that TV is the most succcessful type of advertising but it is way out of our budget at roughly £32 000 per advertisement.
The Rise of Oriental Twist

-Ellen Olley, David Fitzgerald, Ollie Ahmed and Chantelle Timmins
Our Journey to the Top!
Cadbury Designs

Presentation by Ellen Olley
The Oriental Twist Boxing (Front)
The Oriental Twist Boxing (Back)
Box design By Ollie Ahmed
Christmas Logo
Oriental Twist Logo
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