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How the propose uses of a building influence the choice of

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Lydia Iordache

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of How the propose uses of a building influence the choice of

How do the proposed uses of a building influence the choice of materials for its construction
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Today's Agenda
Open plan design
Provide the working space for end users as much as possible
Factory and Office
I) Main --> Provide Entertainment!!!
In order to achieve its functions --> we provide
1. retail stores
2. restaurants/ food courts
3. movie theaters
4. ice rinks
5. ...

II) Acts as a landmark of a city --> attract people

III) Makes profits for the developers or owners

1. Single-family residential buildings :
called houses or homes

2.Residential buildings containing more than
one dwelling unit : duplex, apartment building
- ->easy to seen in Hong Kong due to the limited
land and high population density
Types of residential building
Purpose of building shopping centers
Residential Building
provide a safe and comfortable indoor environment for people to live
for sleeping or lodging purposes

Important concern:
--> safety :
fire resistance, waterproofing
thermal insulation,sound insulation
Building Purpose of Factory
Less column
Provide more working space
Building material is durable
Building Purpose of Office
Provide more working space
Less column
More natural light
Save electricity expenditure
How to achieve the goal of using less column?
By using steel as building material
Characteristic of steel: long lasting, durable, strong
Provide a method of spanning long distances
Extended steel spans can create column free internal spaces, which column grid is spacing over 15 meters.
How to reach the purpose of using more natural light?
By using glass
Glass is transparent
During daytime, more natural light can enter the building
Save more electricity
Reduce electricity expenditure
construct a building in which a fire would take effect slowly, allowing the occupants plenty of time to escape.

For high-rise apartment building:
newer residential insulated concrete form (ICF)
smoke control systems and sprinkler systems
Firewalls (fire separations of noncombustible construction.)
refuge floor for building more than 40 storeys and additional refuge floor for every 25 storeys thereafter

fire resistance

Structural system of high-rise apartment buildings :
Reinforced concrete and steel
-->resist shear loads and satisfy the rigidity
-->good resistance against externally applied forces such as wind load to minimize horizontal movement
--> good soundproof and fire-resistant material

Shopping centers

(often 4 to 6 storeys high)

have expressive features
entrance areas
, atria,
and balcony walkways...)

often comprise
underground parking
Thermal insulation

Fibreglass : most common residential insulating material -> installed by batt insulation
-reduce energy loss
keeps rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer and thereby serves as a convenient method to increase energy efficiency.

Steel for shopping centers
Internal areas include bathrooms, laundries and toilets
-->waterproof materials such as stainless steel, copper,
waterproof flexible sheet flooring material with sealed joints and membranes
External area such as roofs, podiums, balconies, retaining walls
--> liquid waterproofing membrane

high-rise apartment buildings: close to street

-->Concrete is a good soundproofing material

->acoustical foam , extra layers of drywall can help to stop noise transmission.

->Soundproofing materials for windows include thick and heavy drapes that muffle outdoor sounds

Glass for shopping centers
A) Windows & canopy
B) Facades
C) Roof

I) Bright and highly attractive with more light and a greater
feeling of space.
II) Create a sense of ‘being outside’ inside a building
III) Reduce the bulk appearance of a building

Glass for shopping centers
Examples for using glass as construction material
The Kitai-Gorod GUM
(Moscow, Russia)
Yorkdale Shopping Center
(Toronto, Canada)
Glass for shopping centers
Marks and Spencer
(London, England)
A) Framework
and glass are often used in
of multi-storey buildings
C) Reinforcing bars
D) Mesh in reinforced concrete

Steel for shopping centers
I)Value for money

Speed of construction (by pre-fabrication)
Earlier possession of the building for use or rent
--> Developers get early return on the investment
II) Large spanning

number of columns in shopping centers
--> More flexible use of the space & more shops inside
--> Better customer experience
III) Presitge
of steel gives architects and clients the
           freedom to 
their most ambitious
Central Government Offices of Hong Kong
Vehicle Factory in ShangHai
Apart from the building material we mentioned, there are still many building material can be used for some particular purpose
Different building purpose for the architecture would use different building material
However, there are no general rules that one building material just can serve for one kind of building purpose
Besides the building purpose, clients and architects also are the main element of determining what material used
I) Introduction
II) Shopping malls
III) Residential buildings
IV) Offices and Industrial 
V) Reflection  
Steel for shopping centers
Vasco de Gama
(Lisbon, Portugal)
Examples for using steel as construction material
MyZeil Shopping Center
Reinforced concrete for
shopping centers
A) Foundations
B) Structural walls
C) Columns
D) Beams
E) Slabs
Reinforced concrete for shopping centers
Examples for using reinforced concrete as construction material
Mirage Shopping Center
(Zilina, Slovakia)
(KIFISIA, Athens)
Reinforced concrete for shopping centers
I) High fire resistance --> safety

II) Can withstand substantial stress

III) Affordable
--> offers a cost advantage of up to 8% compared to steel alternatives

IV) Acoustic Insulation
--> provide enhanced levels of sound separation between rooms and from
external sources of noise
How do the proposed uses of a building influence the choice of materials for its construction
Group 4
LIN, Wei Hui 53242660
MA, Yue Ling 53553450
MO, Chi Sum 53554169
The Malls
(Basingstoke, England)
Examples for using glass as construction material
Example for using reinforced concrete as construction material :

public housing estate such as the Harmony Blocks
Living Steel (2005). Building with Steel . Retrieved November 2, 2014 from WorldSteel Association.
The Glass Guide (2002). Why glass is the red-hot green building material . The Glass Guide for Architects and Specifiers
Design and construction of DELTA CITY shopping mall concrete
structure in Belgrade
Structures, design and realization of ÁrkÁd Shopping CentRE in
Szeged, hungar
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