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Copy of Chapter 13 Section 2: Europe Plunges Into War

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Holly Murray

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Chapter 13 Section 2: Europe Plunges Into War

Chapter 13, Section 2: Europe Plunges Into War!!! The Great War Begins The Western Front:
A Bloody Stalemate Battle on the Eastern Front The Steps to War War Myths HOW DID THE WAR INITIALLY PROGRESS?
Austria declared war on Serbia
Russia mobilized troops toward Austria and Germany
Germany declares war on Russia and France
Great Britain declares war on Germany. Central Powers
-Ottoman Empire

Allied Powers
-Great Britain
-Italy This would be a short war (home by Christmas) with few casualties The reality: The Great War lasted 4 years with 35 million military and civilian casualties (casualties: injured or dead) (15 million dead, 20 million wounded) The Schlieffen Plan War In the Trenches Alfred Graf von Schlieffen -Germany's plan for a two-front war

-The plan: Fast attack on France while Russia mobilizes. Then, after France falls, attack Russia.

-Did it work? 3-Speed of Russian mobilization 4-French railway system 5-It was logistically impractical 6-General Staff Helmuth von Moltke's changes to the plan 7-Underestimation of British-Belgian alliance NO! The Result:
A stalemate on the Western Front Nations Take Sides By 1915, armies had dug miles of trenches on the Western Front, leading to trench warfare. The result: many casualties for little gains What was life like in the trenches? Trench life was... Wet & Muddy Rat-infested Sleepless Trenchfoot? Lacking fresh food 1. After the assassination Austria declared war on Serbia
2. Russia mobilized troops toward Austria-Hungary and Germany
3. Germany declares war on Russia and France
4. Britain declares war on Germany. Relied on a strong right (your left) flank to sweep around France and force their army to surrender. NO MAN'S LAND
-Space of land between enemy's trenches
-Dangerous due to:
No cover
Machine gun fire
Poison gas your choice? Charge into machine gun fire


Wait for artillery fire in trenches NEW TOOLS OF WAR! MACHINE GUNS POISON GAS ARMORED TANKS LARGE ARTILLERY helped cause lots of death ALL THIS LED TO... A BLOOD BATH!! Examples: February 1916 BATTLE OF VERDUN
-300,000 casualties on each side
-Germany gains 4 miles BATTLE OF SOMME
-500,000 casualties on each side
-British gain 6 1/2 miles (GERMAN-RUSSIAN BORDER) Eastern Front: (Germany-Russia) This was a more mobile war (non-trench)

-1916: Russia not as industrialized which led to shortages in food, guns, ammunition, clothes, etc.
-Allied shipments to help were intercepted by German navy
-Russia's asset? NUMBERS
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