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BOS Onboarding Program

No description

Mart Maigue

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of BOS Onboarding Program

all about BOS To be a champion in providing backroom support to the organization & deliver quality business operations to WCD & key business partners vision: mission: Provide the needed backroom support in generating recurring income or revenue.

Increase the value of the business or products & promote repeat business through streamlined processes and solutions.

Secure the revenue and value of the business through robust control procedures & adherence to compliance standards & policies. know about our
products & services SMART MONEY SMART Money is an electronic wallet, similar to a bank account, that allows you to do money transfers, bills payment, and reload of airtime, but using the SMART Mobile Phone. With the SMART Money MasterCard, you can also do ATM and debit card transactions. It works on the Philippines’ nationwidest network. You can send money to SMART’s 47 million subscribers wherever they are. SMART Money is also connected to 12 partner banks, transact in 9,000 ATMs nationwide, over 4,000 Money in Money Out Centers, 95,000 International Remittance partners worldwide! with
you can… MOBILE BANKING Mobile Banking Service (MBS), is an innovation that provides banking convenience to SMART Prepaid, Postpaid, and Infinity subscribers in a safe and secure way. MBS allows subscribers to manage their enrolled accounts using the Smart Mobile Banking Menu. In partnerships with banks and bank networks, MBS is offered as an alternative delivery channel to enable both SMART and BANK customers to perform financial transactions and card management using a mobile phone. Through this service, subscribers are allowed to access and manage their enrolled accounts using the Smart Mobile Banking Menu let's meet the people behind BOS Mr. Perry Bayani Group Head
Wireless Consumer Division Mr. Edward Inza-Cruz Department Head (OIC)
Business Operations & Support Mr. Mon Romero Manager
Card Production & Distribution
Transaction Services
Account Services Ms. Elizabeth Juan Settlement Support Manager
Recon & Interchange
Corporate Transaction Services
Clearing & Adjustment Ms. Julie Reyes Senior Manager
Process Management
Channel Management Mr. Toto Mantolino Manager (OIC)
Control & Review
Security & Compliance let's meet the team with Mobile Banking you can… Balance
Inquiry Funds
Transfer Reload
Prepaid Account Reload
Account Bills
Payment SMARTLOAD Introduced in May 2003, it is a revolutionary over-the-air (OTA) prepaid reloading service offering airtime in sachet-like packages. The service makes available four types of retail packages: Economy worth PhP30, Regular worth PhP60, Extra, which sells for PhP115, and a PhP200 package. The GSM Association in February 2004 recognized Smart Load as the Best Mobile Application or Service for the Consumer Market. In May 2004, it was again recognized as the Most Innovative Application of the Year at the Frost and Sullivan Asia Pacific Technology Awards 2004 in Singapore. Smart was cited as the Innovator of the Year for its Smart Load service during the 1st Raul Locsin Award for Business Excellence held in Makati, Philippines in September 2004. Smart Load was also cited as finalist in the Stockholm Challenge Award 2006. TRADEMONEY Trade Money is an e-wallet product that will be the preferred settlement facility of SMART’s distribution partners, exclusive for trade transactions, that delivers value in terms of convenience and operational efficiency >> New re-loadable account linked to a SMART mobile phone

>> Most convenient way to purchase SmartLoad and other SMART Products

>>Exclusively for Key Accounts and Distributors VALUE ADDED SERVICES (VAS) pending..pending..pending..pending.. APPLICATIONS PROCESSING & ACCREDITATION SETTLEMENT SUPPORT TRANSACTION
MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS PROCESSING & ACCREDITATION Processing of SMARTMoney Applications for Consumer & Trade segments Smart Load Distributor & Trade Money Account Provisioning Partner / Merchant Accreditation & Provisioning Application Form Compliance monitoring & Custodian APPLICATIONS PROCESSING
& ACCREDITATION who are the people behind ? applications processing & accreditation MR. MEO RESANO Supervisor Direct Reporting to:
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