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Kevin Bacon

No description

Cooper Curtin

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Kevin Bacon

this is young bacon.
The Movies
Married Life
Music Life
Kevin Bacon:
The Exciting Road

By: Cooper Curtin, Jaxon Kelly, and Alex Rodenbeck
this is young bacon
Kevin had a good childhood
Kevin's life up to his career
With a very successful life, Kevin Bacon is still acting, staring in popular films ,and living a very happy life
Living the
high life
Kevin is still living an exciting life to this day.
My life looks
so small
from up here
Young bacon
Bacon has left a legacy in the world of acting that will be remembered forever.
Kevin Bacon
Kevin's Life Today
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Kevin received the OBIE award for the Slab Boys in 1983.
Kevin was awarded with the Star Award in 2003.
One of the best awards for Kevin was winning the Golden Globe in 2010 for the best preforming actor in a mini series
Kevin Norwood Bacon was born on July 8, 1958.
His birth place was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
His Mother, Ruth Hilda was a teacher and his Father, Edmund Bacon was an architect.
Kevin has 5 siblings, a brother Micheal, and four sisters, Karin, Hilda, Elinor, and Kira.
In the Bacon's house music was everywhere.
Kevin had a great childhood, he always liked acting things out.
He also had a hobby of playing music.
Kevin was in many plays in middle and high school.
His acting career began in November 1977, at collage in New York, Kevin decided he wanted to become an actor.
Kevin was asked to preform in his first movie, National Lampoon's Animal House.
Some of his most popular movies are "Footloose", "Apollo 13", "Tremors", and "X-Men."
Kevin has preformed in 78 movies and is still preforming in more.
He has been in the acting business for 37 years.
He has an average of acting in 2 movies per year, that is a lot of acting.
Kevin is now working on a TV show called The Following.

In 1988, Kevin married actress Kyra Sedgwick.
They have two children, a girl Sosie (23), and a boy Travis (25).
The two parents are still acting today.
Both Travis and Sosie preformed in "Lover Boy" as well as their parents.
The Bacon Bros was the name of Kevin and Micheal's band
The brothers started the band because they both loved music and wanted to share their passion.
They preform all over the country and were able to sing the national anthem at a Phillies game.
Kevin is now 56 years old.
He is still living in a musical life.
Kevin is still acting and wants to continue preforming his passion for people.
Kevin really had one of the most exiting live.
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