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How is Salt Produced

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Elizabeth Harris

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of How is Salt Produced

Sea to Shaker
By Ella Partridge
Step 1
Salt Starts in the Sea
Sea water is pumped straight from the ocean into small ponds. The salt water is then evaporated to make salt.
Step 2
At the stage, the brine is further evaporated and is ready for the crystallisation of the salt. This is when a thick, hard and strong layer of salt crystals form.
Step 3
This layer of salt is raised by a harvester. Trucks or large and big conveyer belts transport the salt to be processed or kept outside in large stockpiles. This is usually only harvested every twelve months. There are many salt crystal sizes at this stage.
Step 4
Salt is washed two times using a saturated salt solution. The salt is taken into the factory using conveyer belts.
Step 5
Then the salt is spun, dried and then heated dried to take away and water or moisture.
Step 6
the salt is then sieved and crushed into various sizes as the last step before it is packed and ready to ship way to supermarkets and shops. Larger crystals such as rock salt are produced first. Salt that is crushed even further make cooking salt and a medium sized crystal makes table salt.
Step 7
The salt is packed along the production line and sent to the warehouse, so it can be sent to stores.
What Machines are Used During the Process
Some machines used in the process of making salt are the pumper, which is used to pump the salt, the truck harvester, which harvests the salt. Some others are also the conveyer belt, which moves the salt from one place to another and the spin dryer which is used to dry the salt.
The Salt Spin Dryer
The salt spin dryer is used to dry the salt after it has been washed. The salt spin dryer very efficient for salt producers as it helps dry the salt very well. Before the actual machine was made the salt dryer they used to dry salt out in the sun. Over time the salt spin dryer developed and became what it is today- a very efficient piece of machinery used by all salt producers.

How do w Manage Environments to Produce Primary Resources
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