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Philippines internet

No description

Rhett Jones

on 29 June 2014

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Transcript of Philippines internet

Getting a license?
Wholesale costs dedicated business grade bandwidth?

When buying a capacity of 1 Gbps of bandwidth (1000 Mbps)

USA -> 35 cents to $2 per Mbps
Hong Kong -> $5 per Mbps
Australia/NZ -> $6 per Mbps

Manila ->
per Mbps
Cebu ->
per Mbps

What makes the internet fast?
Peering and caching are important aspects.

Mostly it's

In nearly all cases around the world to achieve competition in telecommunications it requires government regulation when there are few good market options available.

It sometimes requires forcing certain regulated wholesale prices and rules around connecting to things like peering exchanges or to each other.

Create the conditions for real competition to thrive


Accept that you can't have better and pay the price of what poor internet infrastructure means for generations.
At an average speed of 3.4Mbps at $23.49/Mbps, Internet speed monitor Ookla ranks Philippines bottom 86th percentile in speed and bottom 99th percentile in cost. Philippines also ranks bottom 94th percentile in quality.
the problem
the real issues
internet a wholesale perspective.
it's Geography?
it's Poverty?

Strict rules about foreign ownership

Existing companies protest your application

It requires an act of congress to get a franchise and also requires activation by NTC. It could take 3 years in congress and half a year to activate with NTC and would likely fail.


Any company can become a telecommunications provider regardless of ownership; no special acts of congress required.

Nobody can prevent or protest your application. it will likely pass.

It takes 20 business days to process

It costs $2076 to apply

will fix the internet in the philippines
why is the internet in the Philippines so expensive and of such poor quality?
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