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Front Office

No description

bayram eke

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Front Office

Front Office Operations
The Role Of Front Office
It is described as the heart or the nerve system of the hotel
Global Role provide the all guest`s requirements such the accomodation, reservation, cashier and also communicate to the quest about the other services of the hotel
Greeting warmly and request Last name and surname (small talks) and check the system
Present the registration card to the guest and verify and get reconfirmation about; Arrival-Departure date, Rate, Room Type, Payment Method, Billing Instruction and Accommodation
Request for ID for local guests and passport for the foreigners
Request the guest to sign the reg card and attached the passport copy to the reg card
Update the guest details collected from guest to the system
Inform the guest about the hotel and call the bell desk to accompany
A small training
a small training about check-out
How to check-out?
Any question?
Thank you for your patience
Front Office Department
Front Office Manager (FOM)
Asst. Manager
Shift Leader
Bell Desk
Santral (telephone operator)
Reservation Supervisor
Reservation Clerk
Guest Cycle
Travel agents
Previous experience
Business associates
Online booking
Friends recommendations
Hotel locations
Room rates and amenities
This stage includes the registration and rooming functions
The business relationship starts in this section beetween the guest and hotel

Represent the hotel to the guests
Satisfy guest needs in a way that will encourage a return visit
Bridge between the guest and other departments
Manage the complaints when the guest is still inside
Guest and hotel financial accounts
Night audit process
Closing of the guest account
Create a guest history record
Inform the Housekeeping and update the status
Determine the guest is satisfied with the stay and encouraging the guest to return to the hotel
Collect the more information in terms of sales and marketing
The guest arrives at the reception to check-in;
What should we do?
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