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Letter Formatting

No description

Patti Griffin

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Letter Formatting

Letter Formatting
Business Letter
A letter that is sent from a business or organization to an individual (or another business/organization).

Many business letters are printed on a company
Personal Letter
A letter that is sent from an individual using their home address to a person (or business).
Examples: letters to a friend or relative
Return Address
The address of the person who is
the letter (
the author

Not needed if put on letterhead.
Letter Address or
Inside Address
The address of the person
the letter. The address of who the letter is going to.
The current date typed with the month, day, and year. Example:

March 31, 2014
A letterhead is a pre-printed stationery that consists of the business' name, address, phone/fax/email/website, and logo.
There are TWO types of letters:
Major Parts of a Letter
Return Address
Letter Address/
Inside Address
Complimentary Close
Keyed Name
Typist Initials
The greeting of a letter.
Examples: Dear Sir,
To Whom It May Concern,
The message of the letter broken down in paragraphs.
Complimentary Close
The ending of your letter. Example: Sincerely yours,
Keyed Name
The authors name typed (because not everyone can read cursive (signature).
The authors name written in cursive after it has been printed to show ownership and give it a "personal touch".
Typist Initials
Initials of the typist in lower case letters.

Used when someone other than the author types the letter. Also represents who owns the file, for future reference.
Other Formatting Info
Additional Parts of a Letter
Enclosure Notation
used when additional items are included in the envelope. The word "Enclosure" is typed below the typist initials.
Attachment Notation

- used when something is clipped or stapled to the letter. The word "Attachment" is typed below the typist initials.
Copy Notation
- used when a copy of the letter is sent to someone in addition to the addressee. The letter "c" is typed with the name of the person it is copied to below the typist initials and/or below any other type of notation.

Keyed in Block Style (aligned left, no indention).
12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman
All margins are 1".
Single space each paragraph and double space in between paragraphs.
Spacing in a letter:
All other spaces are DS (double).
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