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Competitor Analysis Spreadshirt

No description

Bodo Schäfer

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Competitor Analysis Spreadshirt

Succesfull Competitor Analyseis
2. Market and competitor analysis
1. The Company Spreadshirt
Targets/ Values
short-term/ long-term targets
increase of sales
German share of total turnover at about 10% midterm
Shells for smartphones and tablets
Living and wellness
users can order over 100 different products which are individually printed
customers can choose between given designs or create their own design
with the help of Spreadshirt-Software they can build their own online store for free and sell goods there
Spreadhirt takes care of the production, the shipping, and the payment transaction
Competitor Analysis Spreadshirt - Germany
Thank you!
by Bodo Schäfer
Contents to be included
Customer Value/ USP
big scope (market place, own shop, Amazon, over distribution channels...)
selling without a risk (no turnover = no fees)
Spreadhirt takes care of the production, the payment transaction, and the shipping in more than 20 different markets
customer service in 11 languages
Analysis of success factors
SWOT analysis
Size of the market
according to its broad product portfolio Spreadshirt is active on several markets
Main influencing factors and trends of the branch
mobile shopping on the tablet/ smartphone
in 2013 increase of 300%
optimization of the whole platform for mobile usage
Market conditions
market potential
Competitor analysis
Porter five forces analysis
Schumpeterian competition
approach focuses on innovation as a key factor of competition
as Spreadshirt operates in e-commerce it is quite applicable
Identification of competitive advantages.
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