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Historic Preservation Buffalo


Joshua Yost

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Historic Preservation Buffalo

Historic Preservation Buffalo
two case studies
Darwin D. Martin House COmplex
Buffalo City Hall
Buffalo, New York
Settled 1780's - Village of Amsterdam
Area: 52.5 sq mi
2008 Population: 270,919
Founding & History
Planned by Joseph Ellicott - 1804
Brother Andrew drafted L’Enfant Plan for D.C.
Erie Canal Completed 1825 pop. 2,400
Incorporated 1832 pop. 10,000
National mail-order sales pioneer
Largest grain-milling center in the country
Largest steel-making operation in the world
Preservation Climate
Eliel & Eero Saarinen
H. H. Richardson
Adler & Sullivan
Frank Lloyd Wright
Fellheimer & Wagner
Olmsted & Vaux
Preservation Buffalo Niagara - Formed in October 2008 from the Landmark Society of the Niagara Frontier and the Preservation Coalition of Erie County

City of Buffalo Preservation Board

Numerous Friends Groups, Restoration Corps. and Conservancies – Roycroft Campus, Martin House Restoration Corporation, Richardson Olmsted Complex, Buffalo Olmstead Parks Conservancy
10 Local Historic Districts
12 National Register Districts
85+ Local Landmarks
7,000+ Structures within Historic Districts
71 National Register Listings
9 National Historic Landmarks (2 Ships)
Success & Failure
Project Neighborhood Context
Location: 125 Jewett Parkway
Completed: 1907
Cost: $300,000 ($7,572,203 - 2008 CPI)
Size: 29,080 gsf
Darwin D. Martin
House Complex
Buffalo City Hall
Location: 65 Niagara Square
Completed: November, 1931
Cost: $7,946,260 ($102,446,324 - 2008 CPI)
Size: 566,313 gsf
The Building
Style: Art Deco with features of Beaux Arts classicism.
Design Elements: Intricate step back massing - octagonal geometry
Dimensions: North-south, 315 feet; east-west, 164 feet.
Ground Area: 71,770 sf (1.2 acres)
Height: Principle wings 14 stories - Tower 28 stories
Total Height: 375 feet
Exterior Materials: Berea Ohio sandstone, Mankoto, Minnesota limestone, a Granite base, polychrome terra cotta ornament, and bronze window and spandrel assemblies.
Architect: John J. Wade: born 1893, studied at Beaux-Arts Institute, New York City Worked under Henry Hornbostel and Sullivan W. Jones. Participated in design of Oakland City Hall, Pittsburgh City and County Building with Jones.
Architect: Sullivan W. Jones: born 1878, formerly New York State Architect, designed Al Smith State Office Building
Contractor: John W. Cowper Co., major Buffalo contractor, constructed Statler Hotel
The Project
Phase I: Masonry restoration of Floors 15-28
New glazing at Observation Deck Level
New exterior lighting
Completed August 2007
$11.1 funded through city capital bond funds
Phase cost$3,445,270
Phase II cost $3,191,170
Phase III cost $4,500,000
Phase II: Masonry restoration of southern exterior floors 1-14
Replacement of damaged limestone and terracotta
Replacement of all missing mortar
Reconstruction of sections of parapet walls on 14th floor
Recaulking of all windows
Completed in October of 2009
Phase III: Masonry restoration of the north side
Includes entry facades at the east and west elevations
Complete building landscaping
Completion October 2011
The Building
Prime example of a Prairie House
Cruciform floor plan
Rectilinear, horizontally-oriented and linked by crossing axes
Low, hip roofs with broadly cantilevered eaves
Prominent foundations that anchor the house to the site
Horizontal emphasis in masonry, sills, copings, and garden walls
Horizontal bands of art glass windows
Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright, 1867 - 1959
Client: Darwin D. Martin, 1865 - 1935
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