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Charu's Nutrition Presentation

No description

lis lab3

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Charu's Nutrition Presentation

Nutrition Presentation
What I learned
What I learned from this project was that even if you eat a large portion of something you may not consume alot of calories. While if you eat a small portion of something fatty or if it has many calorie,s it can add up to a lot of calories that aren't burned away and are turned into fat. Calories are units of energy that comes from food(when you eat it).
Interesting things that surprised me
I was surprised to hear that 3,500 calories equaled 1 lb. I didn't expect it to be that low, I thought it would be around 5,000. Another thing that surprised me was how many calories I earned just by eating a few snacks. That just goes to show if you don't watch what you eat you can earn a lot of weight.
Those are some of the things I learned on my Nutrition Project and found interesting about it.
Thanks for watching!!!!
Exercise and Diet
Another thing I learned was how to balance how much calories I burn and consume so I don't eat too much or too little. You also shouldn't eat a lot of calories and not burn them off. The unburned calories turn into fat and too much fat is bad for you. Also you need to make sure to not over exercise so you don't have enough calories to sustain you, or not to over eat.
By Charu Jain
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