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Mandated Choice: A Suitable Solution

No description

Abby Gauer

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Mandated Choice: A Suitable Solution

Mandated Choice: A suitable Solution History *1800's
*1968 Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
*1983 Cyclosporine
*1984 National Organ Transplant Act Common Misconceptions *Doctors will allow organ donors to die in order to transplant their organs
*Body will look mutilated after organs are removed
*Patients may not actually be dead before their organs are transplanted Flaws in Current System *Families are not aware of their loved one's wishes
*Doctors find it difficult to approach families after their patient has died
*People do not know proper steps to become donors Suggested Approaches *Presumed Consent
*Financial Incentives
*Free-Market System
*Ethical Incentives
*Education through Media
*Xenotransplants Mandated Choice *Decide before tax returns, state identification cards, or driver's license
*Individuals would be informed early that they must make a decision *Added stress to families upon death would be eliminated
*All competent adults make their own decision
*Educational pamphlets and videos would be distributed
*Individuals would be encouraged to speak with family about decisions Abby Gauer
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