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Horace Mann Presentation

No description

Stephanie Alvarado

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of Horace Mann Presentation

Map of Franklin, Massachusetts
Idea Chart
Mrs. Mendoza
Horace Mann
(May 4, 1796-August 2,1859)

By: Neni Alvarado
Section I
Image of Horace Mann
Mann, Horace. Image. Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, 2
Feb.2017. school.eb.com/levels/high/assembly/view/28780. Accessed 7 Feb. 2017.
A Letter to Horace Mann
This is a letter to Horace Mann. It is about Antioch College and its opening. I chose this because Horace was the president of this college. Under his leadership, Antich College became the first college to accept anyone that qualified to go to the school.
Cumulative Bibliography
This map shows Franklin, Massachusetts. I chose this because this is where Horace grew up and where he spent time in the town library and educated himself.
I chose this illustration called "Caught Napping," because it shows a school that is in really bad conditions. The walls of the school are cracked. The students are also sitting in hard benches, which can damage their spines. In the illustration, the teacher is hitting a student with a glove. This shows that the teacher is untrained and abusive towards the children.
Illustration of a School
Cumulative Bibliography Continued
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