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No description

Csongor Szabó

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Prezume

A comunity was in need for some people, who got the balls ...
Not too long ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
I thought, as I have some balls ...
why not to
give a try :)
Let's see them...
My name is
I was born in a small city in Transylvania amongst mountains and cold
But no vampires !!!
As a child I was dreaming of ...
just the usuall things :)
In high school math, physics, chemistry and literature were in the center of my interest so I went to different student competitions.

But then, I've found out about fractals and had my first big programming project ...
a fractal editor.
I went to study Computer Science and to become an engineer
At the University I took special classes in control science and fell in love with robotics.
Was involved in a joint research between Technical University of Budapest and Tokyo University Japan on guiding robots for visually impaired people

Had some publications in the field of mobile robotics.
Participated to student science conferences and even won some prizes. Was fun :)
In 2004 I received my M.Sc. in Computer Science with a dissertation on the control of nonholonomic mobile platforms.

Started my PhD and got a sponsorship from National Instruments.
But things turned out differently ...
In 2006 I moved to Nokia Hungary, as a Software Developer
Was involved in a project to create a proprietary in memory database for the SMS Server, by the project name
Ferrari :)
Was involved in the design and implementation of our TDD framework.
In 2007 I joined the Graphisoft comunity.
And so it goes ...
Here I was heavily involved in transforming ArchiCAD (an architectural CAD software) to a groupware tool for architects, to be able to work on big projects simultaneously and in real time.
I have practiced speed skating for 7 years
And loved to cycle around.
Until some experiments turned out differently... :)
So chemistry was dropped from the list
I was involved in the creation of the proprietary OO database, the delta submit technology, the underlying messaging layer and the CIM/WBEM services for user management.
Worked on the shell editing tool in ArchiCAD to support different user interactions.
Was involved in the BIMx 3D building explorer app development (iOS, Desktop(OSX,Win)) and its support for cloud connectivity.
In 2011 with my family I moved back to Debrecen, so I rejoined National Instruments as a senior programmer analyst.
I am working with product and customer master data management. Developed a provider engine, to generate REST web services out from business configuration.
Did integration work between different SaaS services and legacy systems.
But in my free time I like to ...
Spend as much time, as I can with my children
Design and build a dollhouse or a kitchen stove for the kids.
Play around with my DANIBot (he just turned 2 and learns SLAM)
When I got the chance, I go for a run. I like hiking, cycling, snowboarding or travel.
Visualization app Mandala
Practice chado
Not afraid of being thrown in at the deep end
I generally
consider myself
A good team player
Determined in taming
difficulties or solving problems.
A true believer of continuous innovation
It would be extraordinary to join and work for a free and creative community like yours
During these years, I did NGO work as the VP of the hungarian student organization.
We had successful applications for cultural and educational events, scholarships.
Study machine learning
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