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Copy of goo-be-gone: clean up oil spills

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Stephen Williamson

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of goo-be-gone: clean up oil spills


which absorbent absorbs the most an oil spills?
Personal Interest
Our personal interest is to try to stop pollution in the ocean. With this experiment, in the future, scientist creat a new thing to separate the water from the oil and that the oil would be absorbed, based on this idea.
We are going to use cotton, shop towels, scure pad and green pads. We think that the shop towels would absorb more oil than the others. We think this because in all the kitchen people have shop towels to clean the liquid spills. One scientist told us that if we want that this experiment is taken in the future to construct another type of machine to clean up oil spills, we need to use something that can be used many times and that dont pollute. This scientist told us that it was better the shop towels because it is very use ful to clean most of the liquids.
Water ( 1 pitcher)
vegetable oil (1 L )
Shop towel
scure Pad
Green pads
Liquid measuring cup
Glass Bowls.
1 cup
micro-screen coffee filter
1.First prepare all the absorbents
2. Put the water and the oil in a glass bowl
3. Put the first absorbent into the micro-screen coffee
4. Enter the micro-screen filter with the absorbent and then put them into the oil and the water
5. After 2 minutes, take the filter with the absorbent and put it over the oil and water.
6. After 30 seconds, put the remainding liquid into a measuring cup and take the measurements.
7. Do this procedures, with all the absorbents, and with each sorbent do it twice
Containment: it is the process that is in use for preventing the extención of the oil spilt on the surface of the water
Equipments used when the oil spill is there:
Suckers of disc: vacuum cleaner
Floating barriers: float
Dispersante: to remove the oil from the water

The objective for this science project, is to compare the absorbity of different absorbents used for cleaning up oil spills.
Independent variable:Which absorbent absorbsthe most an oil spill?
Dependent variable: which absorbent absorb more oil than water?
Control: shop towels
Constant: the glass bowl, the water, the oil.
Use vegetable oil because the other can burn you
Use the same amount of water and oil in all the trials and with all the sorbents because if you dont do this your experiment would be wrong
Clean all the instruments very well and get them dry, if not, youll have different measures in the experiment

The water and the oil doesnt mix because the oil is apolar and the water polar
we thought that the shop towel was the absorbent that absorb the most. The shop towel and the scure pad were the ones that absorbs the most oil and the scop towel was the one that absorbed the most water so it doesnt function because is the one that absorbs less water and more oil. when we finished our experiment, it was very very normal, it smells at water and oil, not at something different. The absorbents where very difficult to clean but it is normal because its with oil.
TRIAL 1 total oil water ratio
Green pad 54 39 15 2.6
cotton 52 34 18 1.21
shop towels 70 50 20 2.5
scure pad 60 50 10 5

TRIAL 2 total water oil ratio
green pad 80 55 25 2.2
cotton 35 15 10 1.5
shop towels 90 65 25 2.6
scure pad 80 52 28 1.86

our hypothesis was disproved because we thought that the shop towels were going to absorb more oil and less water. We thought this because in all the kitchens, when a liquid spills they clean up with the shop towels. The one that absorb the most oil were the scure pad and the shop towels but the shop towels absorb more water than the others. It also absorbs alot of oil, but the idea was that it absorbs less water and more oil because if we do this in the ocean it would end the water, and the idea is to save water.
All this beautiful things that you saw were many years before because now we only have a few beautiful things now the seas are like this
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