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Post Modernism

No description

Rebecca Brett

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Post Modernism

Post Modernism 1975-Present Philosophy Charles Jencks used the term 'post-modernism to criticise the functionalism of the modernism movement, also to describe new contemporary architects and designers. Post modernism started with architecture, and aspired to adopt individualism and personality into designs, unlike the Bauhaus movement. During this period came the Memphis Group, the founder Ettore Sottsass challenged this period by creating products which followed conventional shapes, colours, textures and patterns; such as the Carlton bookcase. The movement gathered their inspiration from Art Deco and Pop Art. However, may others saw this work as 'bad taste'. Humour and Personality Style Bright, colourful, unnecessary decoration.
giving products personality, therefore making them more appealing to the consumer. 'Retro' design Adopting old design movements in a modern way, such as changing the materials into modern ones. Deconstruction Architecture- distorting a buildings roof so that it becomes a non rectangular shape, making it non symmetrical and abstract. Philippe Starck 1949 - present Well known french designer, most known for the new design style. His work ranges from interior designs to mass-produced consumer goods such as toothbrushes and chairs. He has always worked independently as an interior designer until he designed the french presidents apartments, since then he has collaborated with a number of multi-national companies designing packaging and products. Stylised, streamlined, organic appearance, Humour,Personality, sustainability, economical and light. "Its better to make a creative mistake than a stagnant work in good taste" He often give his products names to give them personalities.
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