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Zombie Apocalypse

Media Project

Wafaa Muhammad

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Zombie Apocalypse

BY: Wafaa Muhammad Credits Google Google Images Contact Us !! ZombieApocalypse@gmail.com E-Mails stayalive@hotmail.com Phone Numbers 911 123-456-7890 And we MUST "Spread The Word" fast!
.....before its too late :( When it happens... In 2013 What is a Zombie? A Zombie is a soulless corpse said to be revived by witchcraft/illness I've done a lot of research on Zombies and I noticed that zombies are EVERYWHERE!!
There are a lot more zombie-realated movies and videos out there on the internet and on other things, worldwide.
Ever wonder why shows/movies like "The walking dead" and "Zombieland" come out?
For enjoyment you say?? WRONG! They're messages espically created by the NZA (National Zombie Association) in order to imprint basic survival tips in your head What does Apocalypse mean? Apocalypse really means, the complete FINAL destruction of the world An event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or an extremely harmful scale What does Zombie Apocalypse mean? So, just because the Zombie Apocalypse hasn’t happened YET, that doesn’t mean it won’t! Fortunately, today is the day you’ll learn not only how to survive an apocalypse, but how you can start preparing immediately so that you’re ready when it does. Zombie Apocalypse = means that zombies will invade and DESTROY the Earth and all of its civilizations. people the zombie apocalypse is upon us. The zombie apocalypse is near, my friends Questions Anybody?? Things to do when it happens>>> Have a group of friends (3-5 people) Pick a meeting place Plan an evacuation route Have emergecy contacts Identify types of emergencies Create a zombie apocalypse kit DO THIS AND YOU'RE GUARANEED TO STAY ALIVE
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?? -A Find a house, car, or any place where you can be safe Keep yourself sheltered Stay away from any WINDOWS Stay LOW Block your windows Go to a place with no windows OR an emergency meeting spot. Listen to the radios for updates on camps Lastly, don't PANIC and be aware of what's happeing around you Don't waste time and run like there's no tomorrow My Common Sense Wikipedia Traits of Zombies Cravig for human flesh
Found in packs or groups
Move quite slow, but NEVER TIERD
Wonder for food
Never give up
Never sleep
Won't stop at ANY cost Weapons Double tap Cardio Lasly, don't forget... Beware of bathooms Seabelts Limber Up Tips/Guides Always prepare for the worst!
Stay with your group at all times
Never be ALONE
Keep your survival kit updated
Do not go outside unprotected
Give your self the right nutrients
Exercise and learn self-defence
Always have a back-up plan Have you ever Wondered... .....why there's 1000's of zombie-related videso's, shows and movies like "The walking dead" and "Zombieland" come out?
For enjoyment you say?? WRONG! They're messages espically created by the NZA (National Zombie Association) in order to imprint basic survival tips in your head The BEST place to kill a zombie is by aiming to they're head, instant kill shot No matter where you go, they're will always be something to do with Zombies You will need to gather weapons that will be effective against battling zombies Baseball Bat with nails Be creative and kill that Zombie! Chainsaw Shovel Guns Axe Dagger Mace And we MUST spread the word FAST!
......before it's too late!! Duct Tape The Survival Kit Some good choices for a zombie survival kit are: Food Radio to contact other troupes/survivors Water First-Aid kit Weapons to arm yourself - -
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