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Final CONFERENCE CaSA project presentation 2016

No description

Vesna Poleksic

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Final CONFERENCE CaSA project presentation 2016

CaSA outline
3 year (December 2013 – November 2016)
National project
Sub-program Structural measures
Action Higher education and society.

improve quality and availability of vocational agricultural education;
strengthen competences of educators;
create a National Repository for Agricultural Education (NaRA).

The proposal fits into the
Strategy for Education Development
of RS
until 2020, 2012).
National priorities
defined by Serbian Ministry of education:
development of LLL in the society at large,
cooperation with other education levels and
development of human resources

The proposal was successful, and a project

Building capacity of
Serbian Agricultural Education
to link with Society, CaSA

officially started in January 2014.
> 850 000 EUR,
230 000EUR
- education in three areas:

knowledge widening,
knowledge upgrade, and
knowledge application

Annual seminars

“Law on basis of education system”, article 129 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, no. 55/2013)

Continuous professional education
by: schools, faculties, registered agencies, NGOs, and Centers for professional development established by local authorities;
financed by the Ministry
of Education and/or projects funded by EU or other international organization.

Three pillars of Serbian agricultural education:

Teachers in HE (UT)
Secondary school teachers - agricultural middle school teachers (AMS)
Advisors (Agricultural advisory services)

Structural Measure (SM)

obtained July 19 2016 from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (ME),
signed by the Minister Mr. Srdjan Verbić

TNA (Training needs analysis)
Courses catalog, bilingual
ALT (active learning/teaching) glossary
Assignments in teaching
Mentorship guide
Guide for NaRA users
Secrets to success with project proposals

NaRA includes
following elements:

and information necessary for teaching traditional courses
for professional development
AMS teachers
advisors/experts in ES.
of results obtained from research -
journals and proceedings
selected and
recorded classes
of interactive teaching;
selected parts of courses created and/or developed within the project, prepared in the form of
online video tutorials
and posted together with additional
teaching contents;

other relevant
contents added to the repository

Creation of NaRA
National Repository for Agricultural Education.

available as an
electronic platform
of the project
association of stakeholders
involved in agricultural education and training in Serbia.

CaSA work packages
1. Creation of the Repository,
2. Assuring infrastructural support for NaRA functioning /Development of resources,
3. Improvement of competences of university teachers,
4. Modernization of teaching contents,
5. Improvement of competences of Agricultural Middle Schools teachers,
6. Improvement of competences of experts in extension services,
7. Pilot implementation of vocational courses,
8. Quality assurance control of project activities,
9. Dissemination of project results,
10. Exploitation of project results, and
11. Project Management.

CaSA partners

10 Serbian and 3 EU partner institutions
5 Agricultural faculties
from: Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, State University of Novi Pazar, and private University EDUCONS;

Association of Agricultural Middle Schools
in the area of agriculture, food processing and food production;
Institute for Science Application in Agriculture

responsible for in-service training of agricultural advisors;

2 NGO training organization
(Education Forum and Balkan Security Network);
Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

of the Republic of Serbia

3 EU partner Universities:
Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Timisoara, Romania;
University of Maribor, Slovenia
University Foggia, Italia
of the Serbian agricultural education:

lack of pedagogical education
at Serbian agricultural faculties
need of education in
academic skills
AMS and advisors need
in-service training
Advisors need
development: modern

and preparing project proposals

All holders of agricultural education need to upgrade their professional knowledge, development of skills their profession requires
Needs of Serbian society - the idea of the TEMPUS project

mechanisms of LLL - not fully established in Serbia for the 3 basic pillars of agricultural education: HE, secondary agricultural schools, advisory services
Serbian Society needs to reinforce agricultural practice

Serbian Faculties of Agriculture have decided to prepare a TEMPUS project, in the frame of the TEMPUS action HE and society.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, MAFWM is in charge for Farm Advisory System (FAS) by law from 2010

MAFWM - Decree: agricultural Farm Advisory System (FAS) in Serbia entrusted to The
Institute for Science Application in Agriculture
, Belgrade is a coordinating institution in charge of Education of
Each year announces a Competition for advisory services to apply for funds provided by MAFWM.
Presentation outline

LLL for agricultural education
Needs of Serbian society and Serbian Agricultural education
Challenges faced by CaSA
CaSA outline
CaSA partners
CaSA work packages
CaSA project results

NaRA Advisory Board

Decides on the content of the repository

All project participants, represented in the Board,
have jointly prepared and signed
Constituent agreement
on project implementation and NaRA management.

Building capacity
of Serbian Agricultural Education
to link with Society, CaSA


Vesna Poleksić
University of Belgrade Faculty of Agriculture

Thank you for your attention
Hvala na pažnji

Choice of programs for continuous professional development
not consistent with the established education policy
based on the offer of courses, not on the need analysis
discrepancy between programs and practices

= huge differences between courses: training type, trainers’ competences, training duration, content, evaluation, and monitoring of training effects in classes

UT trained in ATL, academic skills and e-learning
Advisors trained in communication skills and use of e-learning
AMS trained in ATL and e-learning
in 2015 courses created, peer reviewed
Courses implementation in 2016
Courses available on NaRA
NaRA Sustainability plan
created and presented
CaSA project results 
Izgradnja kapaciteta srpskog obrazovanja u oblasti poljoprivrede radi povezivanja sa društvom

Knowledge upgrade
part of LLL
CaSA project results 
CaSA project results 
CaSA project results 
CaSA project results 

NaRA internet domain registered,
Advisory Board of NaRA established
NaRA is loaded with content as agreed
Equipment purchase completed
Training need analysis (TNA) completed with
EU partners review and contribution
Dissemination activities (TV, meetings, discussions, leaflets and posters)
Regular and extraordinary management activities.

University teachers have created: online, f2f and “blended” courses.
Courses were
peer-reviewed by EF and EU partners in CaSA
prepared for accreditation but not put on the list of ME
some are already accredited (Council for advisors, UB, Vet chamber)
available on NaRA

Over 60 courses are prepared:
Strengthen the position of agriculture education in Serbia
Contribution to acknowledgment of modern agricultural practices and knowledge available to all professionals, advisors, teachers, and students.
With efficient knowledge transfer, agricultural production and processing will be able to play the important role agriculture has to play in Serbian future.
- future and sustainability -
Achievements of CaSA
Inter-project coaching
with the TEMPUS project BAEKTEL
exchange of experiences
participation in meetings
sustainability discussions
work on TERMI
1. Slobodanka Antić, Ana Pešikan:
Govorite li aktivno učenje? Rečnik nastave orijentisane na učenje
2. Ana Pešikan, Slobodanka Antić:
Zadaci u nastavi: kako da vaši učenici/studenti bolje napreduju u učenju
3. Slobodanka Antić, Ana Pešikan:
Izazovi mentorstva
4. Danijela Šćepanović, Miloš Bajčetić:
Vodič za korišćenje Nacionalnog repozitorijuma poljoprivrednog obrazovanja (NaRA)
5. Steve A Quarrie:
Secrets to success with project proposals


Tool for sustainable agricultural knowledge management

NaRA is conceived as a virtual platform for improvement of learning/teaching and communication in agricultural sciences.

Content on NaRA -
cooperation between experts
: agriculture, pedagogy, psychology, communication, ICT
Is there hope for NaRA?
Ima li NaDE za NaRU?

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