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Carmen Mata

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Geography

The Golden Ages of Ming and Qing China
Social Structures
Qing Dynasty
Qing is located in the entire country of modern day China.
Rose in 1644 A.D. and fell in 1911 A.D.
The Mings believed in Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Christian missionaries came to convert them but often failed.
The Ming Empire had the Imperial Palace in Beijing called the "Forbidden City". They also expanded the Great Wall.
The Qing Empire had their Imperial Palace in Shenyang.
The Qing Dynasty was ruled by Manchus. It's most successful leaders were Qian Long and Kangxi.
In the Ming Dynasty capitalism started to rise and they had an examination system. they didn't trade much and had closed ports
In the Qing Dynasty they had a strong economy. They cancelled tax collection 4 times. They had good agriculture and traded globally.
shi = scholars
nong = peasant farmers
gong = artists
shang = merchants
The privilaged were landowners, emperors, and scholars. the common were peasants, merchants. the lowest were actors, prostitutes, and beggars.
Multiple Choice Questions
1. How long was the Golden Age of the Qing Empire?
a. 356 years
b. 133 years
c. 237 years
2. Where were the Imperial Palaces of Ming and Qing Empires?
a. Shenyang & Beijing
b. Beijing & Kangxi
c. Taiwan & Hong Kong
3. What was their largest economic success?
a. tea
b. crops
c. porcelain

Ming is located on the far east side of China.
Rose in 1368 A.D. and fell in 1644 A.D.
Ming Dynasty
Golden Age
The Golden Age of the Ming Dynasty was during the rein of Emperor Xuande between the years 1465 A.D. and 1487 A.D.
The Golden Age of the Qing Dynasty was the first 133 years under the rule of Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong
In the Qing Empire Confucianism is the official religion but Taoism was also practiced.
Porcelain was a very important export throughout both of these dynasties. It's one of China's best economic successes.
The Ming Dynasty was ruled by emperors and had 16 in total.
by Kelsie Wysong and Carmen Mata
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