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halah wannamaker

on 18 June 2014

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What are the costs and benefits, for refugees and for Canada, of admitting refugees?” “What criteria should be considered to determine the number of refugees Canada accepts?” “How do you think Canada’s immigration needs and refugee obligations may change in the future, and how might those changes affect the categories under which immigrants are admitted?”

By: Halah Wannamaker
Canada is identified around the world for authority to those who need Refugee Protection. Over the years more than 10,000 refugees have claimed in Canada. With Canada having a generally higher acceptance rates than most of the other industrial countries due to comparison of Canada providing Permanent Refugee protection to those who are eligible, with also providing Health Care, Financial Assistance, and Settlement Assistance.

Cost of Benefits for refugees, and for Canada for admitting refugees.
Benefits for Refugees
Health Care Plan, Financial Assistance, Settlement Assistance, permanent protection program
Benefits for Canada
The Refugees bring more knowledge and experience to help Canada become a better place.
Generate extra tax revenues for the goverment
Multiculturalism, more ethnicities to improve and enrich lifestyles
Accepting refugees improves Canada's relationships with other foreign countries and communities.
Population of Canada is decreasing right now, so more refugees are better for canada
Experiencing different ethnicities in Canada teaches understanding and peace
What Criteria has to be considered to determine the number of refugees?
Types of Immigrants
Overview of Canada with Refugees
Disadvantages of refugees to Canada
Drain the canadian economy because refugees need support and services.
Harm our payments (Trades with other parts of the world)
Existing nationals may not like people with different ethnicity, rituals, culture
Tax money can increase by accepting more refugees
Refugee stories to Canada for better Future's
In Canada the IRB (Immigration Refugee Board) makes the decision of your acceptance weather you are a refugee in need of protection or a convention refugee, which is a refugee in fear of being persicuted due to nationality, race, religon
to be accepted to Canada, the refugee must have a big fear of persicution and be outside their home country
Canada offers refugee protection to those refugees who are in fear of persicution,and at life risk, or torture.
Refugees: People who are escaping persicution, Torture, cruel punishment
Economic Immigrants: Business people, and skilled workers
Others: Those who are accepted as humanitarians, and immigrants.

Family: Families, Partners, Grandparents, Spouses, of those living in Canada
Changes in Canada's refugee system.
The conservative government has changed their refugee system, making it more tougher or those to make Canada their newly homes.
Canada has made a list of safe countries considered capable of providing protection.
Refugees from "Safe" countries have a better and faster chance to getting accepted to Canada within 30-40 days.
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