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The Effects of Lemon Juice

No description

Carly Rysdon

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of The Effects of Lemon Juice

The Effects of Lemon Juice
The Experiment
The Test
A hypothesis is a question you ask in an If...then statement
If we apply lemon juice to various fruits then will it help them stay fresh longer or will it speed up the deterioration process.
In order to test your hypothesis you must conduct an experiment we inserted our example procedure below

Wash your hands
Gather all materials
Put lemon juice in the small container (4ml)
Cut food in half
Mark which fruit will have lemon juice on them and mark which fruit does not
Record data over time

1 bottle of lemon juice- Carly
1 apple-Wll
1 peach- Alondra
1 mango - Iesha
1 paring knife (lab)
1 cutting board-Wll
1 small container (lab)

In order to effectively conduct your experiment you must record your data
The analysis is about confirming data and reflecting on what happened in the lab
In conclusion, we have found that lemon juice DOES, in fact, slow the oxidization process and that by adding lemon juice to various fruits can keep them appearing fresh even after a week.
The Research
We used three fruits (Apple, Mango, and Peach).
We put 9 pieces of fruit in each petri dish with 2 petri dishes per fruit.
We added 4 ml of lemon juice to one dish of each fruit and tracked the progress throughout the week.
In this experiment we used Time and Acid to create results.
From: http://www.didyouwonder.com/why-does-lemon-juice-stop-apples-from-turning-brown/
According to the below site lemon juice helps preserve fruit and veggies by slowing down oxidization and reducing the Ph levels.
Throughout the week the fruit without lemon juice became more and more rotten while the fruit with the lemon juice continued to appear fresh.
The conclusion is basically a summary of what happened during the experiment and what results you got.
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