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2012 FAAPI Highlights

No description

CYR 2012

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of 2012 FAAPI Highlights

2012 FAAPI Highlights Organized by APIZALS
in San Martín de los Andes Current approaches converge on the importance of considering the social dimension of motivation and autonomy as central driving forces harnessing the construction of knowledge in XXI century learning environments. Motivation Dr. Ushioda argued that we should approach motivation from the complexity theory, moving beyond an abstract notion of the L2 learner into a complex view of “a real person situated in a temporal, spacial and physical context”. Autonomy Conference Themes Dr. Ema Ushioda David Little David Little contrasted two views of learning autonomy. The first view,
which focused on self-instruction, was rooted in individual and cognitive
orientations; while the current one considers autonomy “a social phenomenon
grounded in interaction and collaboration”. APrIR's First-time Speaker Scholarship Thank you! Prof. Carla Raguseo
http://www.carlaraguseo.wordpress.com http://www.academia.edu/1979879/SelectedPapersXXXVIIFAAPIConference Keynote speaker Mario López Barrios UNC -
Reasearch in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching- FAAPI Conferences over the last decade
Panel Discussion: ICT in the classroom: Motivator or Distractor? with Aurelia García UNLaPam, Erika Chrobak UN Comahue, Silvia Zuain Moderator: Claudia Ferradas Moi.
Panel discussion: Content and Language Integrated Learning: to what extent is CLIL an innovation to promote motivation? Paula Belló, Laura Renart and Silvia Rettaroli Moderator: Darío Banegas
Mariel Amez's presentation - Assessment of online performance
Paper: Towards learner autonomy in EFL academic writing - Gustavo Kofman,
Marcela González de Gatti, Natalia Dalla Costa and Ileana Gava -UNC
Florencia Viale's presentation: On teacher motivation: From classroom to conference... and back. Some personal and professional insights of IATEFL Glasgow 2012
Paper: Towards autonomy and citizenship building: An experience in
Santa Rosa, La Pampa - Silvia Siderar and Ana Paez
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