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Aird Report

No description

Cole m

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Aird Report

The Aird Report Radio was becoming hugly popular. It was a new source of entertainment & news. The Canadian government wanted to regulate the content delivered by radio Only a few radio stations operated in 1920 P.J. Cardin was in charge of Radio Broadcasting, as well as Minister of Marine & Fisheries In 1928, Cardin didn't let the Bible Stidents Association have liscences to be on Air. He stopped all religion from being broadcasted J.S. Woodsworth was a labourer from the North Winnepeg, accused Cardin of blocking religion broadcasting. This created a debate. Mackenzie King created a Royal Commission to be the head of Canadian Broadcasting Mackenzie King gave the Royal Commission three choices:

1. Create networks that would be controlled by the government

2. Create networks that would be supported by provincial governments

3. Let the Government create and operate radio stations.

This was the Aird Report The Royal commission was worried that the States would have a large influence to Canada through the radio The Commission decided to make networks and let the provinces control them In control of the networks was the brand new: Canadian Radio Broadcasting Company (CRBC) The CRBC now regulated what was broadcasted Newspaper was the only way to get news at the time The Radio was a new source of news in Canada. Canada became a better developed nation as a result of this new way of communication.

Canada created its own Broadcasting company, which was something of its own, and something to be proud of.
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