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TKAM- Chapters 29-31

No description

Zoe Nicholson

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of TKAM- Chapters 29-31

TKAM- Chapters 29-31
Plot Summary
After Jem's attack when Mr Tate, Atticus, Scout and Arthur and talking about what happened during the attack
Scout describes her experience: she is knocked over and 'Jem' was fighting Mr Ewell
We meet Arthur Radley and finally get an insight into the 'mythical' Boo Radley and Scout see the world through his eyes
Bob Ewell lands on his own knife- however Atticus insists that Jem killed him despite the evidence
We learn that Boo was the hero and has been looking out for Scout and Jem, as he saved them
Jem badly broke his arm, which links back to the beginning of the novel.
"He pointed with a long forefinger. A shiny clean line stood out on the dull wire, Bob Ewell meant business" (pg 296)
Shows the Bob Ewell wanted to hurt or kill the children
Embarrassed about how Atticus humiliated his family during the court case
He was only able to do what he did because he was drunk- cowardice

"'They tussled some more and then there was this funny noise- Jem hollered...' That was Jem's arm" (pg. 297)
This event links back to the start of the book as it begins with Jem's injury and this quote is taken from the end when Jem actually breaks his arm.
This also supports Mr Tate's statement that Jem didn't kill Mr Ewell because he had a badly broken arm, so he couldn't have done it.
"Mr Finch, do you think Jem killed Bob Ewell? Do you think that?" (pg. 300)
Mr Tate says this line
He is convincing Atticus that Jem didn't kill Bob Ewell
Atticus thinks that he is just trying to stop Jem getting into trouble and to keep him from humiliation
However, from this quote we see that Mr Tate knows that Jem is innocent
This shows the state of the society- white people lie to protect themselves and their reputations
Atticus goes against this ideal and this is clear in the scene because he is urging Mr Tate to let Jem take the blame.

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