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Dividing Fractions

No description

Lincoln Boyd

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Dividing Fractions

Do Now!
1.) What is the LCM of 6 and 3?

2.) What is the GCF of 45 and 18?

Anticipatory Set
You need a 2/3-foot length of string to make one shoelace for one Jordan shoe. How many Jordan shoelaces can be made from a 4-foot length of string?
Mr. Robert’s plans to use pieces of wood that are each ¾ foot long to build a set of shelves. How many shelves can he make from a board that is 3 feet long?
Guided Practice
# 1 - 2
Exit Ticket
A worker is pouring 3 quarts of liquid into 3/8-quart containers. He wants to find out how many of the containers he can fill.
Solve any way to find out how many containers he can fill.

Dividing Fractions
Thank you!
Mr. Boyd
6th Grade

Mon., Nov. 2nd
Quietly sharpen your pencil, take out a piece of binder paper, and complete your Do Now!
If you finish early, properly label your paper for your exit ticket
Intro to New Material
Independent Practice
# 3 - 6
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