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Sydney Lean Coffee - 29 Aug 2012

No description

martyn frank

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Sydney Lean Coffee - 29 Aug 2012

Sydney Lean Coffee
29 Aug 2012 http://sydneyleancoffee.weebly.com/ create a sense of awareness and urgency
share the visions
Limit WIP
provide coaching
management have skin in the game Attributes favouring your 1st Agile Project No Management Support
poor technology
team not co-located
Environment of Handovers
blame game environment
no single product owner
too many product owners
failure not tolerated
underfunded for success
no fulltime team members
emotionally attached to existing process
silver bullet syndrome
no shared understanding / Goal / Vision
project/team fragmentation
you can buy it in a box
no self organisation, only direction by management HELL (Anti-pattern) Management Support
Servant Leadership
Onsite Customer
Engaged Product Owner
Co-located team
Project with a cool factor
Technically Interesting
Experienced Agile Team
Clear value proposition
Technically Interesting
Full time dedicated team
Energetic and Fun environment
Incremental Delivery
Team continuously improving
Self organising team
Safe-to-fail environment HEAVEN people want to be associated with success
org. understands the impact of not limiting WIP
continuous improvement demonstrate an environment that is succeeding
what's the manager prepared to risk before exposure is too much
can manager create space for the team to get a few quick wins
release plan with metrics and milestones
explain the benefits & cost of collaborative decision making How to deal with a senior manager who wants the benefits but does not want to go on the journey or the cultural change I've read the book
silver bullet syndrome
I want what they have
pushed by sponsors/management to deliver
current process is not working
management afraid to let go of control of decisions
threatens management role Anti- pattern how to bring people along the journey
increase visibility
avoid massaging the message
deliver vs. 100% busy
collaborating vs working in silo's
embrace failure and a mechanism for learning
ask for help
optimise the machine (team) vs. optimise the line (process)
attract via success
liquid roles - in it together What are the difficult issues that a team must solve Retrospective :)
good topics
heaven/hell sets up the converation well
people arriving late and leaving early
less old topics
issues faced since last meetup
link to blog on meetup site
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