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Persuasive Writing

No description

Mariamu Sillah

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing
The Format
Engage the reader
Establish context (topic of essay)
Cite your source with title and author (if using one source)
Include a strong thesis (what are you trying to prove)
Body Paragraph
Topic Sentences
Supporting Details
Address a counter argument
Summarize key points
Leave reader feeling persuaded or at least challenged

The Counter Argument
A counter argument is an argument, with factual evidence or other kinds of support, that challenges either your thesis or a major argument for it.
By identifying counterarguments to your ideas, and seeing whether you can respond to them adequately, you test the persuasiveness of the ideas.
You state the opposing argument or arguments, and you show that they don't succeed in refuting your own arguments.
What Now?
Was Paul' s suicide preventable? Why or Why not?
Find two example from the text to support your claim.
Write a counter argument for one of them.
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