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Roman Mytholigy

James Nobinger Duttons class 7th period

james nobinger

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Roman Mytholigy

Roman mythology Begining of rome Roman mythology was formed aroud 509B.C. by the Romans it also started in Rome.

Roman Symbol This symbol resembles the roman gods

Roman Gods and Goddess Jupiter was king of the Gods. The eagle was his messenger. His weapon was the Thunderbolt.All other gods were terrified of him Juno was the wife of Jupiter and queen of the gods. Pluto was the god of the Dead Saturn was god of Time and his weapon was a scythe. He is called Old Father Time. Holidays I picked this relijon becaues i thought it was very unique in it's own way pictures New festivals were introduced to mark the naturalization of new gods. So many festivals were adopted eventually that the work days on the calendar were outnumbered. Among the more important of the Roman religious festivals were the Saturnalia, the Lupercalia, the Equiria, and the Secular Games. the best thing i learned was about the god Saturn, i thought yhat controling time would be prety cool. END
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