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No description

Timurs Tomsons

on 21 November 2017

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Transcript of NB_fest_platf

3rd largest city in Latvia
70 000 inhabitants
220km from Riga
180 km from Visby
wind is born here
Liepaja Concert hall Great Amber
Opening November 2015
Liepaja Symphony Orchestra
Liepaja Music, Art and Design school
Liepaja Theater - experimental stage
Capacity: Three halls!
Great Hall with up to 1,000 seats,
Chamber Hall with 200 seats
Experimental Stage with 120 seats
Liepāja Art Forum
Liepaja Art Forum
- place for contemporary creation
- look into the future
- Nordic Baltic identity research hub
- Leadership in the contemporary arts
- International cooperation platform
- Sustainability of Arts
- Latvia 100+
Art Forum 2018 (28-30th September)
Daniel Bjarnson - conductor
Ben Frost - electronics
2 percussionists
Based on Tarkovsky film
Eva Reiter
Lisbeth Gruwez
dances Bob Dylan
Cooperation is a way to success!
Create common festival programs
Based on best contemporary art performes
Foster Nordic cooperation
Pitch proposal for Liepāja Art forum 2019
Coral Castle
Music for chamber orchestra, violin, electronics, synthesizer and the voice
Composer: Nico Muhly
Violin: Thomas Gould
Voice/composition: Jānis Šipkēvics
Libretto: Berglind Jona
Chamber orchestra (strings + double wind)
Story of Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin
Coral Castle
2017/2018 Looking for the project partners
Funding Application 2018 (Nordic Culture point, Latvian American Foundation etc.)
Commissioning the new work 2018
Marketing 2019
Rehearsing September 2019
Performance: end of September 2019
Touring 2019/2020

Artistic Fees

Artistic Expenses
Technical Expenses
Hall rent
Technical set up
Sound engineer

Marketing Expenses
Social media
Radio PUB
Add in print magazines
If have 4 partners....
Cooperation is a way to success
Choral Castle project is a project about:
- identity
- creativity
- immigration
- artistic quality
- leadership
- new product creation
- export of knowledge
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