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All About Ann Hodgman

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of All About Ann Hodgman

Ann In First Grade
In first grade Ann loved to read. But she soon figured out that in first grade, that was not something to brag about. Ann's mom actually got a phone call from the principle that said Ann needed a better hobby and he suggested knitting!Ha! Ha!Ha!
Speaking of Pictures...
In Ann's kindergarten class picture, Ann's head was turned to the side and her finger was in her mouth! at the last second, she decided it looked better that way than looking strait into the camera. Also, lets just say Ann was not the prettiest girl in her grade.
Crazy Things Ann's Done...
Ann and her friends once used a old refrigerator box to make a elevator! They poked a hole into the top and tied a rope through the hole. Then they hung the "elevator" on a tree branch. They tried to put Ann's little sister Cathy in it but the elevator broke! Poor Cathy! Ann and her friends also broke a wading pool some how.

When Ann Grew Up...
When Ann grew up she had two kids: John and Laura. Now Ann is a author. She wrote the book "How to Die of Embarrassment Every Day". That book is the one I got this information from! Ann also cooks now too! Ann is married to a person named David Owen. She knew him as a childhood friend!

Cool Facts About Ann
In third grade Ann was absessed with making bird poems!
One time, a kid in Ann's neighborhood shot a gun into his pool. The bullet bounced off the bottom of his pool, zoomed across the neighborhood, and almost hit Ann while she was reading a book in her room!
Ann has always had short curly hair and she's done some crazy things to make it strait!
Ann has written over 40 children's books and many cook books too!
Ann's Teachers
(According to Ann) In third grade, she had a mean art teacher named Mrs. Stinky Face. One day she made the class make watermelons and when one watermelon was green on the inside and red on the outside, Mrs Stinky Face got boiling mad. Ann also had a teacher who said some crazy things. She once told her class about a girl who's eye popped out!
All About Ann Hodgman
By Skye Lamendola
Skye Lamendola
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