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The abuse of mobile phone

No description

Xiao X. Yu

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of The abuse of mobile phone

The abuse of mobile phone
Differences between the past and nowadays
Advantages and Disadvantages
Future changes
Is the mobile phone good for us?
Differences between the past and nowadays
You can use it anytime, anywhere where there is coverage
You can communicate in different ways: SMS,WhatsAPP,email..
If you need help, communication is faster and easier
Easy to disseminate information
Variety of Application: calculator, flashlight, music player, games..
Children are distracted in class
Cause traffic accidents
Health problem due to radiation
Dissemination of obscene material: hot photos..
Smartphones of the future:
How will they look, what will they do?
Is there anybody who doesn't have mobile phone?
What do you think about using mobile phone?
Do you think mobile phone are really necessary? And why?

More security - Shopping on the internet
Education - the way we learn and teach
Better Life
Flexibility - esay to save in the pocket
Transparent - Better visual effect
The first mobile weigh a kilo, but now the phones are very light.
Before mobiles were very big, but now are smaller and finer.
The screen was very small. Now it's the opposite, the screen is tactile and there aren't buttons.
Quality and functions
Before you could only call, nowadays the phone has many features and applications like music, games, camera, whatsapp, internet..
But before the battery endure more than now.
Now it has improved the quality of mobiles and have more functions than before:
In the past only the rich people have mobile.
Now is increasing the number of children that have cell.
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