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The Marketing Mix for Virgin Atlantic

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Jessie r.f.l

on 24 September 2017

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Transcript of The Marketing Mix for Virgin Atlantic

The Marketing Mix = 4 P's
Their stategy is to
offer the best business product in the air,
run an effective global airline.

Competitor pricing
As Virgin Atlantic is an independent airline, it competes on all its routes with British Airways, American Airlines and many others.

As virgin wants to be world number one airline, they have to make the best price and provide special offers or discounts to attract more customers to their airline.

This consists of the:


Virgin Atlantic is providing sales to many places in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, USA and Canada.

They use different types of promotion such as:
youtube and TV adverts,
travel agents,
direct mail

All these types of promotion is used to advertise their special offers so they can attract new customers and expand their company.

Virgin Atlantic Airways received the 2012 public relations Daily Award for Best Corporate PR Team .
The company provides high and low seasonal prices.

The low season is mostly in January , February , September and December between the days 01- 14.

High season is in June, July and August usually between the 01- 30th

However high and low season differs for each travel destination. For example In the Carribbean the high season is from mid November thru May because it is usually dry and gets very little rain. Where as going during the summer is hotter, uncomfortable and too humidity.
Virgin Atlantic Airways has beaten off rival airlines, including British Airways, to become the leading sponsor of the European team. Under the deal, Virgin flew the golfers to Detroit for the competition. Since then the Ryder Cup has become one of the world's biggest sporting events.

"Putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time."
Virgin Atlantic Airways provide worldwide flights.

There are many intangible services provided on board. For example a friendly smile can make all the difference and Virgin has set the standard for excellent customer care.
They provide a meal and kids menu but this differs on the class you are travelling on.
Also there is entertainment on board (films, magazines, music and games for children).

The travel classes they have is the
Premium Economy
and the Upper Class which is the most luxurious

At Virgin Atlantic Airways you cannot rebook when the date is gone.
Perishable or non perishable?
This is what makes the company different from the others and in this aspect, Virgin's USP is the service rather than the price. They are also the most glamorous and sexy. The red colour of their uniforms calls attention and they are internationally known.

Virgin Atlantic's operating bases is Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport and Manchester Airport.

Its headoffice is in Crawley, West Sussex, near Gatwick Airport.
Virgin Atlantic's products are distributed online on their website and others, through tour operators and travel agents. Also you can book through telephone.
The unique selling point:
The 4Ps work as one, as all of them depend on eachother.
I believe that without a good price strategy, the product will not be sold. As well as the promotion in many places is required to aware the target market of the product features and unique attributes. Also the location or distribution strategy for the product will help reach the customers, as knowing the place is easier to search for accessibility around.
This is all in order to target new people, retain existant customers, make more profit and expand their company.
How the 4Ps work together
This poster contains the 4 p's however it focuses more on the prices provided by the company. The new product they are now offering is flights to different places such as sydney and London and it also demonstrates the different prices in each class. Virgin Atlantic uses the promotion through public relations, as they provide partnership donations . This shows how caring and helpful they are as well as raising awareness of their company in order to gain more profit.
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