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The French Empires in the Middle East

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sara jay

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of The French Empires in the Middle East

The French Empires in the Middle East
Napoleon in Egypt
Key Questions:
(1) Why does Napoleon invade Egypt in 1799?
-War with Britain
-Egypt as stategic pocession
(2) Why did Napoleon believe that he and his armies would be greeted as liberators?
-Examine - Proclamation to the Egyptians Document
-Examine - Al Jabarti's chronicle
What does Al Jabarti think about Napoleon?
What does Al Jabarti think of the French in general?
(3) Why does Napoleon's expedition fail?
(4) Why is Napoleon's 2 1/2 year failed expedition an important moment in the history of the Middle East?
French Invasion of Algeria, 1830
Key Questions raised by Jennifer Sessions' introduction:
(1) Why do the French invade Algeria in 1830?
(2) What is a settler colony and how is it different from other types of colonies of the "new imperialism" of the 19th century?
(3) Why do they stay after the "revolution" of 1830 when Louis Philippe comes to power and Louis XVIII is ousted?
(4) What is Session's argument about the importance of examining 19th century French Empire?
A) What are the roots for the Algerian conquest in the Napoleonic era?
B) How does this conquest represent a shift from the old atlantic imperialism to the new imperial of the 19th century?

New Imperialism - 19th Century
History of France
1789 - French Revolution
1791 - Haitian Revolution (which eventually led to Haitian independence from France
1795 - 1800 - Directory with Napoleon as First Consul
1801- 1815 - First Empire under Napoleon Bonaparte
1815 - 1830 - Bourbon restoration (Louis XVIII - grandson of the King Louis XVI who was overthrown in 1789)
1830 - 1848 - Era of a constitutional monarchy - Louis Philippe is KIng
1848 - 1851 - Second Republic
1851 - 1870 - Napoleon III is elected as president of the second republic in 1851 - dissolves the republic, and founds the second empire

2 key moments we will talk about today:
1) 1799 - Napoleon Bonaparte invades Egypt
2) 1830 - King Louis XVIII orders and invasion of Algeria and though he is overthrown the new King Louis Philippe decides to stay

These two moments mark a beginning of the second phase of French empire - the first phase having ended with the Revolution/Independence of Haiti
Francophone Africa
Europe carves up Africa
What are the main points
you feel are important from today's discussion?
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