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World wine producers

No description

Marta Jankowska

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of World wine producers

Substitute products
Change of people habit
Table of content
SWOT analysis of the Old World wine producers
Critical analysis of possible four strategic directions of the Old World wine producers
SWOT analysis of the New World wine producers
Critical analysis of possible four strategic directions of the New World wine producers
possible innovations that can be implemented by wine producers
SWOT analysis of the Old World of wine producers

Four possible Strategies
SWOT analysis of the New World wine producers
Four possible strategic directions
- Innovation happens when someone "improves on or makes a significant contribution" to something that has already been invented. Steve Jobs was an innovator.

- Invention is the "creation of a product or introduction of a process for the first time." Thomas Edison was an inventor.

Possible innovations that can be implemented by wine producers
Possible innovations
Global Wine War 2009: New World versus Old, Christopher A. Bartlett
World wine producers
Marta Jankowska, Agata Romanska, Michaela Svobodova, Robin Guntner, Marius Donicht
High quality of wine
High value for consumers
Relatively expensive
Bad distribution
Powerless brand
Small size of wineries
Product diversification
Wine consumers choice
1) Listen to customers needs
2) Use rituals to sale
3) Show the value
Focus on the US market
US market is the most attractive
has fastest growth
consumption is growing
Relatively cheaper than old wines
Faster production
Adjustable taste of wine
Good channel of distribution
Low production cost
Innovation !!!
Lower wine value and quality
Unhealthy chemical ingredients-the product has limited expire
Could be stuck in low-cost wine segment
Acquire old wine consumer
Product diversification
Increase the brand value
New technological development
Ideal climate for growing grapes
Substitute products
Change of people habit
Government law
Demand for high quality wine
Differentiation in production process
- Planting larger vineyards
- Experimenting with new growing techniques
- Use of mechanical harvesters and pruners
- Development of the planting system
(better protection & watering)
- Use of computer controlled stainless tanks

Customer satisfaction
- Growth of New World wine industry is very constant
- Growing demand for higher-quality wines
- Many substitutes enter beverage industry
-> give many options to consumers to satisfy
their needs and taste
- Because of a fast growth of consumers taste of wine, New World wine companies have to offer many varieties
- Good relationship with consumer to avoid lack of trust
Focus on the entire value chain
The four sub-brands
Innovation is marketing
- New World wine companies have to focus on the entire value chain
- from the vineyard to the retailer
- Now they are able to react in consumer preferences very fast

-> The companies have cost advantages and can drive prices lower

- Australia planned to support four sub-brands
- each brand should target a separate consumer group

1) "Brand Champions" -> premium brand wines
2) "Generation Next" -> innovation
3) "Regional Heroes" -> association between Australian regions and wine varieties or styles
4) "Landmark Australia" -> support Australia´s high profile wines

1. Ask yourself WHY you do what in the way that you do it?
2. If you understand what you are doing, are you sure your customers understand it?
3. Are you as important to them as you think you are?
4. Are you as important to them as they are to you?

- Understand consumers current & future needs
- Generate and nurture ideas
- Invest € in people and process to take concepts to launch
- Build strong partnerships with key retailers
- Launch – take the lead and take a risk

Innovation is marketing
- Ethical
- Packing and production
- Convenient quality
- Health and responsibility
- Social media and technology

Possible innovations
in general
- Tasting kit sent to each potential customer
- Moderator in New York City
- Wine tasting in Chile

Wine has been well known since Egyptians and Greeks
Middle ages: Wine as a mark of prestige; premium wine
Old Wine producers - France, Italy, Spain
New Wine producers - Australia, United States, Chile
Innovation in marketing is
react fast enough
customers changed their preferences about the taste etc.
differentiate products
use latest technology
family rituals
special moments - gift
use interesting packaging
improve marketing communication to offer premium wine
use the knowledge of long history
enter market with premium price wine products
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