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Explore the Possibilities

Learn the possibilities Google Drive has to offer!

Alex Bockert

on 6 July 2014

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Transcript of Explore the Possibilities

Explore the Possibilities
I have bashed on teachers using Google docs and presentations before. Mainly because they are just fancier versions of Word and PowerPoint. Today I want to show you the other apps Google Drive has to offer. Other apps you may ask? Yes. They have plenty to offer.
Are you into diagrams, mind maps, flow charts? But do your kids groan at the thought of drawing, or writing one out? Check out Cacoo.
They have many options of different options of charts, diagrams, etc.
They have many different tools as well.
Chat for group assignments
Shapes/Drawings for the artistically challenged or lazy. ;)
Just an example I was playing around with.
Real Time Board- Online Whiteboard
Students can work together, share, edit, etc. You can make different types of boards including ones with diagrams, or charts already on them.
Like any other google product, you have the templates at first. There are many to pick from.
It was so nice to give me a little tour.
Here is how it is laid out to give you a general idea how you can use it or if you didn't know how a mind-map works.
Here is my masterpiece.
This looks like an awesome app if you can figure it out. I tried. Maybe if I watched the intro video I would've been better at it. The final product looks amazing though. Try it out. Tell me how it goes.
This app actually has a lot of templates to pick from. Some are premium though, but there are a lot of cool, free ones.
They have an intro video to watch and the guy has an interesting accent as well. You should probably watch it before attempting this. Or be like me and don't.
Simple Booklet
This app would only be useful if you are consantly making book type projects. The app isn't free, but they give you a trial period so feel free to check it out. Without paying, you cannot use a template, but you can play around with a blank booklet.
Here are templates you can use if you pay for the app.
The payment choices
The cover they give you for a free booklet.
Different layouts for your pages.
An example page.
This is more for teachers to make lecture type videos. It is actually pretty cool, most likely more interesting than a normal lecture! You can add videos, pictures, polls, etc.
Started out by sending me a cute little note. Thanks Tamas & Team Metta, though you never responded to me.
The beginning layout you get. No templates.
I added a video to my first slide, but you can add pictures too.
You can add a poll into your video, and chose to let the students see the results or not. For the free versions up to 100 kids can take the poll.
What it looks like if you chose to let students see the results.
The End
Those are a few cool ones I have found, but Google Drive has hundreds of (mostly) free apps to use in the classroom to integrate technology into your daily teaching. Please check them out!

There, now if you are a teacher stuck on Google Drive you have some cool apps.
Take a quick poll for me? Tell me your thoughts!

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