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No description

Frey Stre

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Rugby

rules of rugby
rugby field
difference to american football
rugby world cups
little film
footballer William Webb Ellis
football was too boring for him
he took the ball and ran into the goal
1863: the English FA (Football Association) was founded
26th January 1871: the RFU (Rugby Football Union) was founded
1895: 21 clubs separated as Northern Rugby Union (today Rugby League)
rules of rugby
ball can only be thrown backwards
if you are with more than the feet on the ground you have to release the ball
it´s not allowed to trip someones leg and beat during a tackle
it´s duty to wear mouth guards
score: ball behind the goal line: 4 points, ball over the H: 2 points
difference to american football
rugby world cups
every four years
20 best men national teams
Webb Ellis Cup
one of the biggest international sporting event in the world
: )
: )
- two times 40 minutes
american football:
- four times 15 minutes
- 15 players
american football:
- 11 players
- ball can only be thrown backwards
american football:
- ball can also be thrown forwards
- the players outfit is a shirt/tricot, shorts, rugby socks, rugby boots and mouth guards
american football:
- the players outfit is a helmet, a neck guard, a corslet, shorts, football boots, a shirt/tricot and gloves
rugby field
100 by 70 meters
behind the goal line 22 meters
two posts with the distance 5,6 meters and 3,4 meters high
a crossbar in 3 meters high
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