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Facebook (BUS201)

No description

Andrew McEwen

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Facebook (BUS201)

Mark Zuckerburg
What is Facebook and where did it come from?
Facebook: A brief history of its success
Mark Zuckerburg (CEO + Chairman)
Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.
Facebook: Mission/Board of Directors
A link between Facebook users and IB revenue
Facebook (BUS201)
Group 6
How is Facebook a business? How is IB linked?
Sheryl Sandburg
(Chief Operating Officer)
David Ebersman
(Chief Financial Officer)
Mike Schroepher
(Chief Technology Officer)
Businesses pay Facebook to advertise their products/services.
The more users Facebook has, the more potential for online sales and customers.
As Facebook operates in more than 200+ countries, there global opportunities for businesses to reach consumers
Political Issues
Facebook has had a dramatic influence on the international political landscape.

As a result, the firm has dealt with, and is currently dealing with a range of political issues.

What are these issues and how can Facebook address them?
Facebook & China
The Censorship of Facebook in China, has prevented the firm from penetrating a large and growing market.


Facebook needs to surround China with its influence in order to pressure the government to allow them to operate within Chinese borders.
Politics and Law
Facebook Distributes It's Website Internationally
Across Many Political Systems
Tax Issues In New Zealand
In New Zealand, the labour party has proposed a solution to ban Facebook from operating within its boarders due to tax avoidance.

Facebook has been accused of tax-avoidance, not just in New Zealand, but worldwide.
Facebook Banning
Due to the concept of Facebook being a platform for sharing and connecting

Facebook was banned in many
countries, most of which were of a totalitarian or socialistic nature
Namely Countries such as China and Bangladesh
Facebook was banned to stop anti-government and anti-religious views from being posted and shared
The Internet Association
Facebook, Google and other internet companies have teamed up to form a lobbying group known as 'The Internet Association'.

Aim is to tackle political and regulatory issues in Washington D.C.

Facebook has lobbied regarding immigration reform and privacy.
Facebook lives and works in a variety
of legal systems
Facebook and Legal Systems
Jonathan Daskalakis - 43290426
Facebook allows people to distribute multimedia very easily
As a result, issues can occur such as:

-Copyright and Piracy
-Privacy Breach
-Harassment / Bullying
Jonathan Daskalakis - 43290426
Jonathan Daskalakis - 43290426
Jonathan Daskalakis - 43290426
Different countries have different legal systems which can affect how the government deals with problems that occur on Facebook
As an International Business, Facebook has to be aware that they are distributing their product internationally across a variety of political and legal systems

They must make sure that their product adheres to laws of both the country of distribution and country where they are distributing from.

Facebook, Politics and Legalities
Easter Egg!
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Intellectual Property
Content ownership
Unauthorised Activities:
Disclosure of Confidential Information



Throughout the past several decades, people around the world have marvelled at the rapid pace with which the internet has become central to daily life.

Issues faced by Facebook

Developing a social media policy that is appropriate for your company
A policy should be clearly drafted
Violations of these policies should be spelled out as well
Emails or meetings would be an effective approach to keep everyone current.
Punishment should follow through, lest the policy be rendered toothless.

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