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No description

Elias Martinez

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Wanted!

BY: Caroline B. Cooney Wanted! Characters Alice Robie: Alice is the main character in the book. The book is mostly told in her point of view. Alice is 15, shes learning to drive. Alice's parents have gotten divorced so she alternates on who's house she stays at. Her father has been killed, and shes the prime suspect. Alice sets on a journey to search for her fathers true murderer in order to prove her innocence.

Marc Robie(Alice's father): Marc Robie was killed at the very beginning of the story. He owned two cars, a common truck type of car, and his precious corvette. Alice's father was seeking revenge for his brother's death but he too died at the hands of his brother's death.

Marc's brother: He was a very smart guy, he worked for a small business that recovered lost data on computers. His boss(Dick Arren) was secretly stealing the recipe for shampoo from a well known shampoo company, which he then sold to other shampoo companies for money. He felt guilty that he was letting this happen unnoticed, when he decided to report this to the police he was killed.

Dick Arren (Rick Rellen): He was also another computer genius. He owned a black porsche. He is a middle aged man. Dick Arren disguised himself using weight gain, and he used his computer smarts to give himself a new identity; Rick Rellen

Alice's mother: She divorced Alice's father and is dating Rick Rellen. She has no idea that he killed her daughter's uncle. She believes Rick is her "prince charming". Setting Marc's apartment: The beginning of the story takes place in Marc's apartment. This is where Alice was when her dad called and asked her to take his corvette to the ice cream shack, along with two TWIN discs. Later this is where Marc's body is found.
Stratford Town: The town where the story takes place is Stratford.
Stratford university: While Alice is running away, she manages to stay at a dorm at the university, with the excuse that she was fighting with her roommate. The Beginning Theme The theme or moral of the story is, to never assume things. When Alice heard that she had supposedly confessed she killed her father she ran away. She had friends that were searching for her but, she hid from them instead of seaking their help thinking that they were searching for her in order to turn her in. If Alice hadn't assumed that her friends were trying to turn her in she could have avoided going through so much trouble. Marc calls Alice and tells her to drive his corvette to their favorite ice cream place. he tells her to bring to TWIN discs, and then he hangs up. Alice quickly knows something is wrong, her father would never tell her to drive his precious corvette, and plus, she doesn't have a drivers liscence. When Alice arrives at the ice cream shack, her father isn't there so she decides she'll have an ice cream. She listens to the radio as they say that her father was found dead in his apartment and that her mother received an e-mail from Alice confessing what she had done. Alice decides to call her mother, but when her mother asks why she did it Alice hangs up, because she thinks her mother doesn't believe her. The Middle Alice manages to get inside the library with Paul's id card. She thinks Paul likes her. While in the library Alice manages to get access to a laptop. on the laptop she opens up a TWIN disc file. As shes reading it she notices its an auto-biography of her dad. A biography where he states that Dick Arren was stealing the recipe for the shampoo and that he killed his brother. Alice isn't done reading all of it, it was getting dark and she needed to find a place to stay. So she prints it out. On her way out Paul stops her and asks to walk her to her dorm. She gets nervous and tries to think of what to say. When they arrive at the dorm she says that she forgot she had a fight with her roommate today. He tells her he has a friend whom she can stay with until she sorts her problem out. The End At the end Alice goes to see her mom at Rick Rellen's house she gos to park the car in the driveway. She was driving her father's big car. She looked through the glass to see if her mother was there. In the first parking space was a boat, in the second a black sports car, and in the third was a blue sedan, similar to the one at the crime scene at her father's apartment. Rick pulls Alice out of the car and it smashes through the fourth door. The police 'arrest' Alice, they tell her everything is going to be alright. They know Rick is the real criminal. Alice's mother arrives back from the airport with her grandparents. Alice rushes over to hug her mother. THE END. Elias Martinez Reading level: 5.2
A.R points: 6.0
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